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wolf63 | 00:49 Mon 28th Dec 2020 | News
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This story is sad and odd. I bet Santa feels dreadful about causing all these deaths now.


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//It is yet unclear whether his visit was the cause of the outbreak, //
I do hope he wasn't the cause, Wolf but how will anyone know?
Question Author
I read another article which stated that his visit was the cause of the deaths. I couldn't find the first article and, I admit, I didn't read this on properly.

I read that a while ago, Sam. But when they are saying all the residents wore mask yet there are photos of them not wearing masks just who and what do we believe?
The link in the OP is two weeks later than SAM's so it looks like it's yet to be confirmed.
Question Author
Thanks for the link Sam.

Gness I am kind of sure that Aids/HIV can be traced back to the source with DNA. Maybe they will be able to do this with the covid virus.
Those numbers are shocking however the virus got a hold, something was badly handled somehow.
I don't know about that, Wolf but I hope not. This virus is different and so many of us could be carrying it without the least symptom. To think we could have passed it on in all innocence doing a good deed would be hard to live with and best not known...well I think...x
Headlines on this story

Daily Mail
Visit from Covid-infected Santa to care home in Belgium kills 18 residents after 121 fell ill in outbreak

SANTA 'SUPERSPREADER' 18 elderly residents dead after Covid-infected Santa Claus pays Christmas visit to Belgian care home

Despite both articles saying

//But one Belgium's top virologists Marc Van Ranst, of KU Leuven university has said he doubts the Santa could have caused so many infections

Poor ventilation is much more likely the cause despite the visit being a “stupid idea”.

“Even for a super-spreader, these are too many infections at once,” he said.//
its possible of course that its a multi factorial event...... Santa may have brought the virus in and shared it around but poor ventilation made it easier for it to survive and multiply.
Explain to me why elderly residents would need a visit from 'Santa' anyway? I could understand it more if it was a children's home.
I think Dr Van Ranst is being kind to santa probably so santa doesnt sulk and not come next year

I agree that santa is only the contact for those occurring before seven days after christmas
but to say therefore he isnt responsible

is like saying someone isnt responsible for a rabid animal
because the dog did the biting and they didnt
so its not them, OK ? ( dont shoot!)

I was responsbile for a TB outbreak on a sick liddle childer leukaemia ward - actually I wasnt the indez case ( phew!) . It was someone else. I was one of those who caught it. - And no I never once said as the fingers were pointed towards me - " Hey come on, the kids have been coughing over each other! I only did one or two"
[and no one said sorry later for pointing the wrong finger so to speak]

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Belgian Santa

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