Birmingham Council Have Released New Street Names

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Bobbisox1 | 11:38 Wed 09th Dec 2020 | News
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Are they? I'm not sure, we have a Thatcher Close here and the estate was built in the 70s so I doubt it would have been named after those men who thatched roofs??


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That's very interesting Jack, thank you
Queen Victoria did not like Newcastle. She thought it ugly. The Royal Train had curtains depicting idyllic rural Welsh scenery. As the train approached the High Level Bridge on her way to Balmoral she ordered the curtains to be drawn and not to be opened again until she reached the Northumberland countryside.
That's royalty for you....
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Tsk! Cheeky mare, lol
you would have ended up in the tower if you had been overheard Bobbi, lol
Question Author
I would that Emmie haha
High over the River Tyne she would have been greeted with the sight of smoking chimney stacks and countless keel boats plying the river. not the sort of sight a delicate queen would normally encounter.
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Indeed, nor me either ;(
she most have hated London then, all that squalor.
We normally name things after our famous victories - Trafalgar, Waterloo etc

Unfortunately we didn’t win our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So no Kabul Cul-de-Sac, Helmand Avenue or Mosul Mews.
Speaking of mixing up two Newcastles -

Necastle-under-Lyme is my home town, it's a small market town not far from Stoke.

Unfortunately, when The Thompson Twins were due to play a gig at the town's Tiffany's nightclub, their road manager took them to Newcastle-on-Tyne, which by coincidence, also had a Tiffany's and they had to drive back down again.

Since the two towns are around three hundred miles apart, it was a time-consuming error, and the band went on stage about four hours late.
Our local council was keen to name new streets around the local hospital after noted medical worthies, so one poor collection of neighbours got lumbered with 'Rosemary Ednams Close'!

Doesn't really roll off the tongue does it!
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Wow that's a memory jerker Andy, Tiffany's where they had phones on the tables haha
These 'woke' street names come as no surprise to me in that area of Brum.
my present street is named after a town where the developer lived. The one before that after the developer himself. Before that, one named after a battle. The very first one I lived in was named after a priest and the next one after a farmer who I think had owned the land.

Does anyone really care?
emmie, have you read a book called Curiocity? It's slow going because it is so jammed with amazing stuff about London. I've been reading it for weeks and I'm only up to page 50.

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Birmingham Council Have Released New Street Names

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