Racist Officials

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royfromaus | 21:36 Tue 08th Dec 2020 | News
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PSG game abandoned.


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Taboo means black in Haiti.
really I thought it was a Maori melanesiam loan word

Aww, You’ll always be a little girl to me, spicey
watch out spicey - you will end up in his cellar
and it s braw in a cellar north of the border !
I thought Douglas's post had a poetic ring to it, that's all.
I'm actually a right ***.
Anyway, we'll all be in trouble if we don't get back to racism.
Was a time when Millwall supporters were hailed as heroes.
Like Kipling's Tommy Atkins now they're traduced and scorned by the AB snobs, at least until the next Borough Market.
oh I was going to post on "entraineur stambouliote"

way back when 1400 - asia minor had signposts to Byzantium - eis teen polin - ( to the citaaaayyy!) and the turks thought 1453 that that was the name - hence Stamboul
Meanwhile in Greek ( which is what they spoke before they spoke Turkish. Makes sense to me) - a chios man was a chiot ( massacre of the chiots v famous piccy 1834) and from cyprus - cypriot
and it seems stamboul - stambouliot
which went into Fransh. enraineur stambouliote

where we used cune or something - joke joke please !

yeah and goo - the fall of constantionople 1453 fell after the turks dragged their ships around the lighthouse there - phanar
and it grew into a suburb where the Greeks all lived
and wer ecalled Phanariots
so that is why some greek expats were named after a lighthouse

have I crossed the white line?
Question Author
Quite surprising how many people in Germany who still use neger to describe a black person.
The last time I heard it in the UK was on Big Brother, some ten/fifteen years ago.
my Ozzie friends still use N&&&er, i was to say the least surprised.
//NJ, clearly it's not that simple since the match will take place to-morrow (Wednesday).//

No it's not - when such behaviour is indulged.
well I've read through this and I'm mystified. Is this really because an official referred to someone as a "black guy" - is that how sensitive it has become? I thought the word "black" was allowed in referring to non Caucasians? As in BLM, MOBO, etc. Can we please be given an unambiguous term that is allowed that won't induce a hissy fit every five minutes, thanks.
emmie 08:37, I'm watching "The Wire" at the moment and the N word is used about a thousand times an episode, mostly by the black (can I say that?) Characters.
TTT i know, its a problem in so far it's ok for Black people to say it to each other but not presumably anyone else. My Ozzie friends are rather old and behind the times, and they were referring to their native aboriginal population, i was still shocked though
i have always said a black guy, even years ago when dating someone from the black community,
Question Author
Even though we hear Demba ba say black, I believe the 4th official used the word ***.
As already discussed above apparently a single word “negru” was used. Whether this as questionable in Romanian as it certainly would be in French or English is not clear. Bearing in mind there were a lot of “black guys” around at the time so it would seem as odd as it would saying “the bloke with the beard” when referring to one of the Dubliners once :-)
Anyway, sounds like an arrangement has been come to and they’ve kissed and made up after a 24 hour trial separation. That has to be a better outcome than a cancellation.
I'm still unsure, having read the reports exactly what term was used, so can not tell if it was a term that should be considered offensive or simply descriptive. The media seem incapable of reporting adequately these days. Still, seems the authorities have the incident in hand anyway.
Negru is Romanian for black it's not a use of the N word, it's his language. Reminds me of a teacher in all sorts of trouble for saying niggardly.
Ah negru was it. Well not being English I still don't know how that translates. Probably best avoided but still not 100% clear.
better change the name of Montenegro (black mountain) then! or any word with the remotest resemblance of the N word, for fear of upsetting the illiterate.
"Can we please be given an unambiguous term that is allowed that won't induce a hissy fit every five minutes, thanks."

No point. Within a generation that would have mysteriously become the most awful insult ever, how dare you even consider using it.

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