Racist Officials

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royfromaus | 21:36 Tue 08th Dec 2020 | News
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PSG game abandoned.


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yeah I parked a comment on the racist milwall fans thread

voyous racistes! dégoûtants dégénères ! (*)

( er mods that means racist scum and disgusting degenerates just in case you are in "he called me an ignoramus last year and I have only just found out what it means" mode) and so you zap - just to be sure

(*) - from the opening scene of La cage aux folles 1980 where Papa is composing his speech - les rues sont pleins de criminels - non non - de voyous, - no non mettex degeneres!"
and then he hears that his leader has been found dead in the arms of " un prostituee mineur noire!"
exciting stuff - with Nou-Nou tognazzi in the leading role
Question Author
From a competition point of view the result would have been crucial had Man Utd completed their outrageous comeback via a non-penalty and the Hand of Harry Maguirdona.

Ich, I've obviously got this wrong but I thought you were a Man U fan?
// can you elaborate about why the game was abandoned because of 'racist officials'?//

I have elaborated on your wordy but nonethless worthy black lives matter thread. in English actually
o come on Woy
I know you are from Aus but play the game !
“ Ich, I've obviously got this wrong but I thought you were a Man U fan?”

Very wrong :-)
“ and the next they don't want to be called'black'.What on earth do they want?”

Not to be called “***” (“negru”)
I guess
Even AB doesn’t like it!
words do get blipped some innocent ones sometimes...
Not even in countries where variations of *** mean black?
Well I think the issue is that they caught the word “negru”
But it still seems an odd way to describe someone in that context.
sqad used the word Negress in one post, hadn;t heard that in donkeys years, not accceptable now don;t think
We wouldn’t even call someone a “black” though.
I’m not saying it isn’t a misunderstanding but I can see why they were upset.
people don't as a rule say that, but are getting caught out in exactly what is acceptable.
Not if you're from a country where *** means black.
It must be just like us saying the black bloke.
Although, I doubt that would be considered cricket now.
'They' are certainly keeping 'us' on our toes in all of this.

I've never felt so nimble and adaptable to whim.
I used to be a lithe girl
But now I am a him.
Aww, You’ll always be a little girl to me, spicey
we all have as we know well as we revisit it at frequent intervals
taboo words
and taboo actions

and black is a taboo word here and not in America
afro-caribbean is the current one - mouthful I agree

Didnt Arthur Ashe do a black power salute at wimbldedon and get booed? -

taboo actions - as you all doubt the analysis as left wing piffle - urinating on a war memorial?

// Although, I doubt that would be considered cricket now.//

I used 'black' for a sudani and my arabic teacher just about lost consciousness. and cd only squeal - you cant say that !
we werent speaking English

When Macron visited a war memorial and a teenager ( taboos of place and time) asked - "OK nu-nu?" he just about bust a blood vessel on the grounds that the war dead demanded respect, and he wasnt visiting as a man but as a representative of la peuple de France who were aware of the enormity of their sacrifice

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