Risky Choice For First Covid Vaccination

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archibaldy | 20:55 Tue 08th Dec 2020 | News
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With all the anti-vax nonsense going round about Covid jabs does anyone else think it slightly cavalier to chuck the first and very high-profile shot into the arm of a 91 year old who lets be fair could peg out at any time for any reason?


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Not at all, I'm 69, I've had lots of Vaccines in my life time and I'm not about to back away from this one.

What approach would you have recommended Archibald?
Look at it the other way around. If it kills her they can claim she was due to join the heavenly choir anyway ;-)
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I’d have chosen a 69 year old! My worry is that if she dies anytime soon from natural causes it will add fuel to the anti-vax message. Brave call in my book.
If the said 91 year old did "peg out", as you say, tomorrow, we can be sure that the vaccine would get the blame.
Maybe that person who might "peg out" has decided that she would rather have the vaccination and be able to live a near to normal life for the time that she has left. If I was 91, I would have the jab as well
I think it just shows that they’re getting on and doing it without worrying what some people may think.
archi.......she looks quite healthy.
You make a good point.
If she has a death, her symptoms of which lead back to her vaccination......then who knows what people would think?

Good point.
She looks much younger than 91 (next week)
but its not the first shot. Loads of volunteers of all ages have already had the vaccine.
she seemed sprightly for a 90 yo to me - im sure she was very carefully chosen out of those who were eligible to be in the first tranche because let's face it, choosing a dementia patient is not very glam

//Loads of volunteers of all ages have already had the vaccine.///

But not on breakfast TV.
Secrecy would have only added to those already suspicious.
Mamy, I amnot suggesting secrecy, just the opposite, but some fit looking woman in her late 70,s may have beeb a better choice .
but people in their late 70's are NOT in the first tranche of eligibility
i thought it was those over 80's
NHS staff, care home residents, staff?
But if she doesn't die and she probably won't it sends a really positive message, if that old bird is ok then how can a fitter younger person say they think it's too risky
its actually care home residents and their carers first, then people over 80 and nhs staff, then people over 75

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Risky Choice For First Covid Vaccination

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