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derek-33 | 18:09 Wed 02nd Dec 2020 | News
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Picking numbers out of thin air .just been on news saying he's ordered 350 million doses of vaccine...well seeing as there's only roughly 60 million people in the uk even having the 2 doses each ( and many will not have one) that's a lot left over ?


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better than too many than not enough wouldn;t you say, besides which can;t they be shipped to other countries if need be

i havent seen a link to the facts that you pertain, will look at latest news, and see what he says
It could be the way its ' batched' Derek ?
I thought it was 100 million Oxford and 40 million Pfizer.
And a few million of the other.
The plan was always to order more than needed
i can't find a link at the moment to the OP
The Government have only secured early access to those doses, relating to 6 different vaccines. Some of these vaccines may not even get through their trials successfully. He is not committed to buying. As said I am sure when we have enough, the Companies will sell to other countries.
Because we will be sharing it with other countries. Listen to what he said
if only more people would Gollob...
If he only ordered 60 million, he would also get pilloried.

He's not always wrong so I'll spin him some slack on this one (especially since now Cummings has gone we do seem to have a better puppeteer in Carrie).

i didn't realise that Carrie was an elected member of this government, she is his girlfriend isn't she, besides which how does anyone know what happens in his Private life but Boris and Carrie.
Simple. Nobody knew which were going to be successfull. Maybe none would of worked, nobody knew. In there words they backed several horses. To be sure of getting any they had to order early. If they would of waited until the vacinnes are approved they may of found they'd all sold out or theyd after pay over the odds. Its better to have to many at a good price than at a high price or more likeley not enough.
The UK has put in orders for 6 different vaccines. 350million in total.

We know the Pfizer one is 95% effective
and we have bought 40 million doses

The Moderna one is 94% effective
And we have bought 7 million doses.

The AstraZenecca one is 62% effective
And we have bought 100 miliion does.

The 3 others have not completed trials so we don’t know how good they are. We must assume 200 million of these other vaccines are on order.

If you have a jab, and still get it, then another jab with a different vaccine will be needed. We don’t know how long the vaccine works for, or if yearly or bi-yearly top ups might be needed. That is why we have more that 65 million supply.
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With a short shelf life maybe. I still think a million spare is over the top
perhaps he has agreed to pay 3or 4 billion and that’s how many you get for that sorta money .
Dont understand where your million comes from derek but as we said its better to have are name down for to many than to little. A million is niether here nor there.
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Sorry Bob that should be 100 million in excess yes sure we need a ," few spare"but at a possible a shot £5 and maybe more than likely a short self life .the money could be used elsewhere. As I said in my first text he's picking numbers out of thin air
The orders were put in advance to cover us should any of them prove workable.
I didn’t see the broadcast, but if he was waving a large figure around without explanation then he was possibly grandstanding needlessly.
Or not.
derek, I think the Oxford vaccine is supposed to be less than that; the other two were said to be more like £20 a shot. But the Pfizer one is oven-ready, as they say, the others aren't. However, the upside is (touch wood) getting the country back on its feet, machines of industry roaring, noses to the grindstone etc, not to mention saving a lot of people from an early death; so I'd say it was worth it.
The governments strategy has been spot on with this, secure access to many different vaccines early on, even when it wasn't clear if a vaccine could be developed. If we end up with access to more then we need then excellent, there's a whole planet out there that can have them instead of, or buy them from us.
sunk: "The AstraZenecca one is 62% effective
And we have bought 100 miliion does. " - there's the little anti British dig hiding in there - it's 90% effective if you have half a dose + a full dose, which is what we'll do. That also means it goes 25% further, still don't let the facts get in the way of you routinely denigrating our nation. I don't know why you and your ant British mates just don't go and live in the EUSSR, you'd like it there under Guy V's jackboot.

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