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Spicerack | 07:07 Tue 01st Dec 2020 | News
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What will the Left fall back on now their go to liars have been exposed?


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// It's a constant refrain on here that there's no evidence. // Not just on here. It's a constant refrain in the American courts as well, hence why the cases keep getting thrown out. If there was evidence they'd present it. They haven't.
21:00 Tue 01st Dec 2020
Well I never...
I think that’s what’s called being let off on a technicality.
“Why is the media ‘pretending’ that Joe Biden is the president elect’
Our 12 year old could have answers that for her and saved all the fuss :-)
Why do Giuliani and his band cry “fraud” when they face the press but not when they go naked into the courtroom?
Another easy one ..
She doesn't come across as a rabid right-winger at all.
Question Author
It's called lying and being caught.
It's the same reason so many refuse to accept the blatant, bungling fraud that was perpetrated by the establishment in the US Election.
Honest brokers, like the aBBC, either ignore it or call them debunked allegations of fraud.
Pft, every decent person, with a brain, now acknowledges the evidence is overwhelming. (including 30% of Democrats)
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Whatever you think of her, no-one should be silenced by a conspiracy of liars.
Someone thought he'd official reached that stage and made an error marking the statement wrong. I suspect the majority would have thought the same. Given their job they should have double checked, but these things happen. Ticking off due, but otherwise, hardly worth the fuss.
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It's not a mistake, og, it's an on purpose. It cost her $1,000,000 a month and was merely a prelude to silencing yet another non establishment voice.
Left and right are getting similar treatment.
Tell a lie often enough and many people start to believe it.
"An officer-elect refers to a person who has been elected to a position but has not yet been installed.[1][2] For example, a president who has been elected but not yet installed would be referred to as a president-elect (e.g. President-elect of the United States)."

Why would it not be a simple error ? Hardly anyone really believes that Biden didn't win the election. Every attempt to challenge it, without evidence, so far, has been dismissed. I reckon most assume he's president elect and see no reason to check with the lawyers of his official status.
It's sad that there are some still desperately clinging to the idea that Trump cannot have possibly lost legitimately. He did. Get used to it.
“ Hardly anyone really believes that Biden didn't win the election”

Sadly that isn’t the case. See my previous post
How many lawsuits have to be thrown out due to lack of evidence before you sit up and take notice?
In one case, the Judge wrote, "This claim, like Frankenstein’s monster, has been haphazardly stitched together from two distinct theories in an attempt to avoid controlling precedent,”

He also wrote that the Trump campaign had provided, “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.”

The Trump case is not built on strong foundations. A wee bit like your claiming there is, "a conspiracy of liars." based upon a single, incorrect decision, from a single fact-checking organization.
Biden is not the President elect.

Glad that has been cleared up.

I can forgive Politifact for getting that wrong, after all, Biden got 7 million more votes than the squatter, and 74 more points in the Electoral College.

It is just petty point scoring by a bad loser. All counts have to be certified and concluded by 8 December, and then Biden is declared the winner, and it goes to the Senate to be rubber stamped. Pretending Biden hasn’t won until then is foolish and she has made herself look very stupid.
Infamy, infamy etc.
SUNK, the full process is-
December 14: The members of the Electoral College cast their votes

December 23: All Electoral College ballots must be received

January 6: The Electoral votes are officially counted by Congress

January 20: Inauguration Day
so Liars lie on the internet
shock horror everyone I never knew that

Biden a president elect is just about on the level as
Boris is the best prime minister we ve got
SIr Keir would be better
SIr Keir isnt a prime minister: Boris is the best prime minister we have.
but then we only have one!
yes: boris is the best prime minister we have

// I can never forgive Politifact for getting that wrong, //
Liars all of them !
Trump is gonna be president for the next four years
you 'll see
Fraud and false votes all over the place - see above we have proved it!
the evidence as preswented on this thread is is - -- overwhelming
"Pft, every decent person, with a brain, now acknowledges the evidence is overwhelming. (including 30% of Democrats)"

Do you have a link to that poll?
I think it is cleah in dear old blighty
that you are prime minister (*) only after her madge has asked sorry commanded you to form a ministry

and you have said - yes your majesty ( well you cd demur/decline)

(*) pray-minista
proy monassturrr ( well hondootedly mossis thotcher....) john cole

hey we cd have a long long fred over wevva prime minister exists or wevva he is really first lord of the treasury or bofe ! yeah

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