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Spicerack | 07:07 Tue 01st Dec 2020 | News
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What will the Left fall back on now their go to liars have been exposed?


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// It's a constant refrain on here that there's no evidence. // Not just on here. It's a constant refrain in the American courts as well, hence why the cases keep getting thrown out. If there was evidence they'd present it. They haven't.
21:00 Tue 01st Dec 2020
Question Author
It's an ironic BA.
Immediately below the 3hr+ video of people giving evidence that I posted, Tomus posted this;

// If there was evidence they'd present it. They haven't.//
Question Author
Must say, I'm surprised at the levels of denial and anger and angry denial on here.
I thought I was doing a service to people who seem totally reliant on the legacy media for info and softening the possible blow you have coming.
It wouldn't bother me unduly if Biden becomes Potus. I'll leave you to your echo-chamber as you appear to prefer it that way.
I'm dreading Biden. Surrounded by warmongers.
It’s comments like that which make me wonder just what people’s responses to Churchill might have been had there been an AnswerBank in 1938 ...
The people in that video aren’t giving evidence. They are taking about evidence.
The place to give evidence is in court. This is a massive con by team Trump, who have been asking for donations to fund a legal operation which isn’t actually needed.
Anyone can say anything, but anyone who has ever been pressed for detail has suddenly become reticent.
//Must say, I'm surprised at the levels of denial and anger and angry denial on here.//

The anger as denial is all coming from your direction, but you know that obviously. The rest of us are loving it, and as a bonus watching you continue to make a fool of yourself.

Ichkeria, some of those that donated to the 'legal fund' are now wanting their money back it seems..
I'm just loving the fact that anything William Barr has ever said can be thought of as something in my echo chamber.
"Put this up just for you, entitled."

Not very convincing is it?
The courts have seen the evidence presented to them and given their decisions based upon that and the arguments from both sides.

What specific evidence do you think is being overlooked?

//Barr's comments are especially direct coming from Barr, who has been one of the president’s most ardent allies.//

The Attorney General must be in on the conspiracy too. My god, this thing goes right to the top.

The other day he said the FBI and the Department of Justice might be involved in the "rigged" elections.

I bet they're glad he's on his way out.
Trump's own attorney general now saying that no evidence of widespread electoral fraud has been found. I think you are wrong spicerack. If they had the evidence they would be using it and there's nothing in that video which proves widespread electoral fraud.

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