Party Time?

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lady-janine | 23:58 Sun 29th Nov 2020 | News
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Have just read about students in Nottingham having 200+ strong parties. (sorry no link)

Where are their brains. They may be safe but they may have other friends, family members and acquaintances who are not.

What makes them feel they have the right to behave like this?


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00:03 Mon 30th Nov 2020
no idea Lj, iwas watching the news earlier and there were protestors against the lockdown in London, police masked up but not the protestors, makes you wonder at people doesn't it.
expect more like this...
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Thanks for posting the link emmie.

Most people down here being careful. Chemist - small- has policy of one customer only; small grocers has green/red light and sanitising at door, and it works as have seen people queueing. Other three shops closed. We still have people in village who have managed to get virus so how safe are they behaving like this.
We're at WAR, these people are traitors and should be treated accordingly.
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Canary - executed?
A bit harsh.
They are young and know they're not at risk, and know they're not going home to infect grandma any time soon, and are probably angry about having to pay nine grand for what's turned out to be an online course.

I'd probably go out and party too in their situation.
Months ago there were many posts saying that when things get back to normal, etcetcetc.
I said then that things will never get back to the way things were, just like after World War 2, things were never the same.
As events unfold, I am convinced more than ever that our society is broken, and its only various degrees of chaos that await us.
I am nearly 70, and had a good life, so it will hardly affect me, so it is the younger generation I feel sorry for.
it did get back to norrmal after WW2, it took a while and with rationing going on into 50's, but people got on with their lives, went to cinema, theatres, shopped and often behaved as though 6 years of war hadn't happened. People are resilient and will bounce back from this virus.
it will just take some time.
But Emmie you can't catch war by going to the shops, cinema, partying -I think these should be rounded up and put into isolation to protect everyone else.
like a concentration camp you mean, it would have to be a big one.
Happened in a suburb of Newcastle and another at Durham university,the organiser should get a £10,000 fine and everyone who went, £1,000 fine !
should but won;t
It's against the law and should face fines
if they're living and studying with the people they're partying with, either they'll all have Covid in a few days, or none of them will; either way, the worst that is likely to happen would be a form of herd immunity.

Those who are living at home or visiting frail friends may not be among the partygoers, I don't know. If so, I hope lecture halls are arranged so the stay-at-homes don't have to sit next to the partygoers, but I believe they've set up social distancing protocols.
as i stated where do we put all these naysayers....
l-j - // Where are their brains. They may be safe but they may have other friends, family members and acquaintances who are not.

What makes them feel they have the right to behave like this? //

In both instances, you are expecting a level of thought outside the individual, where actions have cnsequences that are considered in adance of the actions themselves.

That mindset belongs to the mature adult, someone who has some experience of life, who sees consequences to actions, theirs and others, who has developed a sense of maturity and empathy and responsibility.

Which of these are found inthe average student?

That would be none!

Students are large chidren. They have no real experience of actions and consequences. They are competely egocentric - their minds revolve around what they feel they want and need, and they literally have no thought for other people, and what may happen as a result of their own behaviour.

The chances are, if you asked any of the students attending these parties your question - what makes them feel they have a right to behave like this - you would get a series of blank stares.

Not because they are being rude and ignoring you, but because the fundamentally have not the slightest inkling of what you are talking about!

Students don't think, they do - then they grow up and become adults, and the next lot of students do the same thing.

So sadly, you will not get sensible answers to your questions from the students themselves who are normally under twenty-five, but you can get this from me, because I am not twenty-five, I am sixty-six, so I know a bit more about what goes on.
> Where are their brains

In their pants.

I guess the thinking goes something like this: get COVID now, get over it within two weeks, go home for Christmas bursting with antibodies ...

If you listen to prospective students talking about going to university many of them mention the "experience". Obviously, they are going to learn, prepare them for work but they will be away from the restrictions and expectations of their parents. Drink, sex, drugs are all part of this freedom. They are in a cocoon, halls, with their peers.

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