President Hints He May Finally Concede

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ichkeria | 08:53 Sun 29th Nov 2020 | News
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He hasn't got much option has he . The mans an Idiot.
The link is about Lukashenko, not Trump.
J/D, No one has mentioned Trump only you . Perhaps when you read "Idiot" you immediately thought of Trump
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I doubt it :-)
Some rumours about Putin's health these days also, 2021 could see a few changes...
Question Author
See my previous answer :-)
Neither of them will ever concede. They will just agree to go, which is a different thing, but no-one will care as long as they've gone.
//Before Jan 20?//

Jan 20th is the inauguration day for a President in the US. Why was it added to the link when Belarus has nothing to do with America? Has it got anything to do with the recent events in Frankfurt where there was "reportedly" a firefight at a computer server facility?
Question Author
I feel a wacky conspiracy theory coming :-)

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President Hints He May Finally Concede

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