May The Force Go With Him...

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divegirl | 08:06 Sun 29th Nov 2020 | News
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Such fantastic memories of the Green Cross Code Man... Hope he had a wonderful life x


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Such fantastic memories?! What was fantastic about it? Ah well. Shame. RIP.
I'm sobbing
Yes I remember him visiting our school a couple of times, I was just excited to see Darth Vader, albeit the wrong outfit :)
He was a bouncer at a nightclub in Bristol called The Glen.
He sounds as though he was fun to know. RIP.
Oh and I met him just over 40 years ago when he visited my boys club.
I thought that he’d pegged ages ago. R.I.P.
Met him at a convention.
I met him at the Celebration Europe convention, must be 15 years ago now, an he looked frail then. Seemed like a lovely, humble fella.

Rest in peace chosen one.
Was'nt it a shame that his face was not visible , by the very nature of the character

The character was recognisible but not the actor , if you see what I mean
RIP Dave.
I remember him as the Green Cross Cde man.RIP Dave.
Sad news - RIP Dave.
I remember being told that Darth Vader was played by the Green Cross code man... I didn't believe them at the time.

R.I.P David Prowse

To all accounts a lovely man, RIP Dave.
Darth Vader would have been a different character of they had kept his voice...
Broad Bristolian apparently
he had a Bristol accent and a tenor voice
so they had a scene where he threatens Princess Leia ( Carrie Fisher for it was she)

a bit like the high pitched one in Morecambe and wise only with a somerset brogue

Princess Leia looks completely stunned - and it is obviously not acting
que la force soit avec toi
shd you er ever attend a convention en France
We could do with a weed code man on TV now. You never see an add for kids to leave drugs alone.

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May The Force Go With Him...

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