Croesus In Charge?

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allenlondon | 07:56 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | News
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Try this for size.

Apparently ‘our’ chancellor’s family is SO rich they knock Mrs Queen off the top slot!

Obviously the right man to be telling impoverished fellow-citizens how to handle their pennies.


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Emmie, best to ignore the loony left.
10:20 Sat 28th Nov 2020

I think it's well known that his wife is the daughter of billionaire Indian businessman Narayana Murthy.
he presumably got there on merit, don't matter the wealth. I wonder who Labour would have us doling out the wisdom,
More muck raking by the Guardian.
can't think of anyone at present, then again that class/money envy keeps on rearing it's ugly head. Besides he and his fellows are doling out money, they haven't stopped since this virus started. Of course there will be a price to pay, but it doesn't matter who was in charge
Allen, who would you rather have as Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Diane Abbott?
god forbid.
i don't think sunak has told anyone how to handle their money. He is as i said been laying out money for business, for those in need, of which there are millions.
these are difficult times, no one could have predicted covid 19.
The jealousy of the left rears its ugly head again. Do you despise everyone who has made something of themselves Allen?

Although Rishi is a Millionaire (so is COB & other labour) most of the money you talk about belongs to his wifes father (I believe he is India's 5th richest man).

Since when did the in-laws wealth become the husbands wealth?
it doesn't.
Allan would appear to think it does.
*Sorry Allen.
what a surprise.
I just love this precious, self-righteous website! :o)
everyone is entitled to an opinion, one may not agree but there it is
our poster seems to think that Sunak shouldn't be telling others what to do with their money, but surely thats quite the opposite. He is doling out packages to keep businesses afloat and for people to be on furlough, i would say that for once Allen has got it wrong
time for this country to pull together to beat this wretched virus and go forward into the future with some hope things will get better
For once? It’s a perpetual habit of his (twiddles moustache for effect).
well i was trying to be diplomatic

By the way, Diane Abbott wouldn't have been Chancellor if Corbyn had won the election, that would have fallen to John McDonnell. Abbott would have been Home Secretary, which I suspect wouldn't make you feel much happier.

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Croesus In Charge?

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