How Much Longer Are People Going To Meekly Roll Over And Accept These Draconian Rules?

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dave50 | 12:04 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | News
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The damage being done to our economy is incalculable yet I see people in the street being interviewed on the news saying they accept it and its nessasary and they will comply and some saying it doesn't go far enough. Do these people understand how the economy works? I seriously doubt it. The only people who dare mildly disagree are the business owners of bars and restaurants who are in real danger of having to close down permanently. When the tsunami of unemployed start rolling down the track after furlough is ended, these same people who are calling for the lock down to continue will then be blaming the government for the increase in unemployment. I really do despair.


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* I predict a riot* Dave :0/
Perhaps as long as there isn't an excess of around 400 or more deaths per day, representing something like a 20% excess on background mortality.

You do know that a lot of people dying, and a lot more people getting sick, is also bad for the economy, right?
there was a good example of "wet finger in air" measures vs reality on the train this morning, where the heating was set to "arctic".

everyone's breath was visible, notwithstanding masks, and it was visibly going a good deal further that 2m - more like 5 or 6. so type of masks as worn today are doing nothing, and 2m is completely inadequate.

do there need to be even stricter measures? make everyone wear proper ppe masks and keep 5m away from each other?
I've been saying the cure is worse than the disease for months. There are some who want to lock down the whole world as soon as someone in china sneezes!
What is the point of letting families from all over the country meet for 5 days over Christmas whilst imposing greater restrictions from Wednesday in most of England.This really is ridiculous and will almost certainly result in giving Granny Covid for Christmas.
Only if you choose to take the risk. Its not compulsry to hug grannies at christmas its just an option for those desperate for some famly contact
^ that was for grumpy01
Do you understand how the health service works dave and the limited resources of beds doctors & nurses
Apart from pubs/hotels being shut or having restrictions and some restraunts its not draconian, just inconveniant and frustrating not meeting friends and famly . Schools and universaties are open, most workplaces, building sites are busy, roads are packed, supermarkets and DIY stores are open and in England from 2nd/3rd December your gyms and hairdresser's will be open along with all other shops. Whats draconion about it??
I noted Bobbinwales that Mark Drakeford was reluctant to sign up to the Christmas arrangement.
Hes a very cautious person. My head tells me we shouldnt relax over christmas but a can see that so many peopel would brake the rules over christmas that it would be unenforcable and many who have allways followed the rules might develop a habbit of breaking them. Am desparate to see famly especially from England- a could wait till March but there works close down for chrismas so its the only time we can meet up
“When you meet up over Christmas you don’t have to socially distance”

That almost made me laugh
I continue not to see the point in this tiered system.
Nor do I see the point in relaxing the rules over Christmas. If we must have this, for goodness sake let’s stick to it. Otherwise it’s just more pain later
I completely agree with Grumpy - the Christmas truce is the most absurd idea to come from this already unbelievable government. I'm also hopping mad that, living in a rural area with a relatively low incidence of Covid, we've been "upped" to Tier 2 along with other rural areas e.g. Norfolk and Suffolk with an even lower incidence. I fear that hitherto "sticking by the rules" people will be tempted to ignore the latest draconian measures.
It's politics isn't it. They don't want to be seen as 'The government that cancelled Christmas'
Well - they effectively cancelled religious festivals for other faiths so why not cancel Christmas too?

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///I completely agree with Grumpy - the Christmas truce is the most absurd idea to come from this already unbelievable///

It worked in 1914 :0///
i guess if one had seen loved ones get sick and die, then they might have something to say about whether the government have got it right or wrong, personally i will miss my family this Christmas, but one hope there is always next year.
they still went back out and killed one another bobbi.
Bobbisox - the truce in 1914 didn't end the war.
i don't think she meant that it did, that a truce of a short period can work. However once the truce was over, the killing went on

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