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Tilly2 | 18:13 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | News
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In order to be served in the traditional British style (i.e. soggy, mushy and totally flavourless), sprouts should have been cooking away since August!
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Aw! Mine are still in the freezer.

Is anyone going to be going somewhere they thought they couldn't go to for Christmas. Anyone happy with this news?
I know it's been a hard decision to make but they have definitely come down in favour of young families, my immediate family are all adults and have their own home, and make up four households so which one doesn't meet up!! I think they thought mum, dad, kids and two sets of grandparents
Never mind the blinking sprouts, does this mean I'll have to vacuum?
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Lovely nuclear families, as imagined by the ministers. :-)
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...and polish Mamya.
No, that's fairy dust
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Perhaps I should have put this in Chatterbank rather than in News.
Ooops, sorry.
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No, not you. I'm the one who's made a mistake, Mamya.

This gives my elder daughter a massive problem. If she chooses us and her parents-in-law - then she can't see her sister, nephew and niece. Since we live 50 miles away it would probably make more sense to choose her sister and in-laws, who live more locally. I won't blame her if she feels that it is us must be alone. I'm in for a longish journey to deliver presents, I think. My sister is in the same position as my daughter. Ah well.
It’s good news (I think) for some but hasn’t changed our plans..staying at home, just the two (three including the dog) of us.
We’d have to travel over 200 miles to see any of the children so we decided a couple of weeks ago that this year we’d stay home by ourselves.
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I suspect it will cause a lot of angst. Christmas visiting is problematic enough without having to 'choose' who can visit and who cannot.
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I see that this has already been covered in News today.
we've had to choose often enough before, Tilly: unless her family and his family live close to each other you're going to have to choose, or perhaps do them in alternate years.

I was rather hoping sprouts were going to be labelled Tier 5 and nobody would be allowed near them.
I doubt many people will take much notice of that particular rule. They'll do whatever they planned to do anyway, whether that was not to mix at all, or something else.
Me and the cat have been invited to London. There will be no sprouts. Should we go?
ASDA are not delivering my sprouts today - run out apparently :-(

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