Another Load Of Idiots.

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Barsel | 18:48 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | News
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idiots..any excuse to protest ie renta mob.
Will depend on when the government stops pushing the citizens around.
I`m surprised it hasn't happened sooner.
This world has and always will have more than its fair share of idiots.
Luckily for them, this virus doesn't single out the mentally challenged!!
Old_Geezer, what else can the govenrment do, if they did nothing, they would get accused of not doing anything, ok lets have free for all.
There'll always be those up for a rally or a protest.
Sickening !!!!! I wish they could see our friends who will be laying their son to rest this Wednesday at 12 noon aged 54 leaving a wife and two daughters and two beautiful grandchildren......
As seen today there are a growing number of folk who feel strongly that the Government's handling of the pandemic has been very poor.

These folk obviously feel that it is worth risking breaking the law to protest against their perceived stifling of freedom.

Folk have their tolerance levels and plenty have said enuf is enuf.

Im not sayin their actions are acceptable bcos obviously the law is the law but it is certainly understandable.

Such protests will certainly continue for some time yet.

@1855,load of old pony.
Who are these people are they left or right wing agitators?
Although people in general don’t mind sacrifices they are getting fed up with this governments cronyism and policy making on the hoof.To add to this we now appear to be getting government by Carrie and What’s app.
my son thinks its all a conspiracy, i said perhaps you would like to pick up all the funeral expenses then...he shut up.
No it's not a conspiracy, nor is it a hoax. It's real. However, the government's handling of it leaves a lot to be desired. If you periodically confine people to their homes - especially those for whom this disease presents no great threat - and you see businesses and livelihoods destroyed, eventually they will rebel. And that's what's happening.
How many folk are currently confined to their homes?
I dont think these people are the normal general public, if they were I would have some sympathy for them but they seem to be political agitators with a bigger axe to grind rather than just the lockdown.
27 people under 40 without an underlying condition have died. 27. That is a statistically irrelevant number. Even those those who had an underlying condition the number only rises to about 250.

How many times does it have to be said that this is a killer of the very old and/or those with serious underlying conditions.

Despite this we’re killing the economy and putting people in unnecessary penury for no reason.

I’d never join a protest, but I really can’t blame those that do, because what we are doing is utterly stupid.
Quieter roads though.
//How many folk are currently confined to their homes?//

I am - along with the rest of the population of England. I quote:

"No person may leave or be outside of the place where they are living without reasonable excuse"

If I have to justify the reason I am outside my house then as far as I am concerned that confines me to my home. To expand a little, these are the "reasonable excuses" I can take advantage of:

- To go to the shops which the government has kindly allowed to remain open (thankfully or I'd starve).

- To go to a bank (I never need to)

- To go to the doctors or dentist (Thankfully I rarely need to and if I did I'd go whether the government permitted it or not. But mine's closed anyway so it's academic).

- To undertake exercise or recreation outside (I don't formally exercise and all the places I'd like to participate in recreation are shut by order)

- To go to Church (I'm a confirmed atheist)

- To buy a house (I've already got one which is fortunate since I cannot leave it)

- To get a takeaway (I never eat fast food)

- To go to the rubbish dump (The dustman calls once a week).
NJ, you're not confined, are you? You have chosen not to take advantage of the "reasonable excuses" for leaving your house.

You're exaggerating for the sake of it and you know it.

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Another Load Of Idiots.

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