Another Load Of Idiots.

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Barsel | 18:48 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | News
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TCL NJ may be or maybe not exaggerating but the fact is he's correct - we can currently go to work if we're the lucky few, go for a walk and go to a handful of essential shops/medical places only. Other than that you can do nothing which in effect means vast swathes of people are confined to their homes 90% of the time.
//- To go to the rubbish dump (The dustman calls once a week).//

You lucky so and so. Our rubbish dumps were closed to the general public many years ago and are now only open for gypsies and seagulls to visit at will. Our dustman has long since passed on to the great big council tip in the sky and been replaced by a squad of recycling operatives and hi tech vehicles that cause more pollution than they cure. The ironically named recycling centre is in gleeful hibernation and requires a written appointment, 16 digit pin number, 3 weeks notice and a platoon of half educated, but fully enlightened goons to check your car boot for undeclared contraband waste. I have enough cardboard in the garage to start a new cardboard city that would make Calais or Calcutta look like developed metropolises after being forced to order items, that used to fit in my pocket whilst shopping, and are now delivered in tea chest size boxes. "She who must be obeyed" is convinced that she is compelled to wash and sterilise everything that we chuck away meaning that we cannot afford an electric car because we spend so much on cleaning the environment that we are stuck with a car that is going to be charged more to go to a waste recycling centre that we cannot get an appointment for.
The galling thing abt all of this is that the Government have never given any confidence that they have handled the situation well.

Consequently,when they impose restrictions and talk condescendingly,try to con us into believing that they are guided by the science it is small wonder that people rebel.

We know how destructive covid is,but equally destructive has been the appalling decision making that has led to blighted lives,jobs and businesses lost,bleak futures,well-being etc etc.
and on a lighter note

another load of idiots
o mi god what have the usual suspects on AB been doing now?
ter daah !

Togo I photographed the rats gambolling around the war memorial in the early days of Lockdown 1 and sent them to my councillor
who, I credit , got the public health message prontissimo
// and sent them to my councillor
who, I credit , got the public health message prontissimo//

....and had the war memorial demolished whilst promoting the rat to seeker of cultural pollution, and chairman the of history to be erased and rewritten committee.
//You're exaggerating for the sake of it and you know it.//

Not at all. I shouldn't have to "take advantage of a reasonable excuse." If I want to go out I should be able to do so without thinking about the reason why. The very paragraph "No person may leave or be outside..." places unreasonable restrictions on people's liberty. It is not reasonable, whatever the crisis, to restrict people to leaving their homes only with a "reasonable excuse." It's bad enough having restrictions placed upon us when I we already out (where we can go, who we can meet, what we can do, what we must wear). But to order that we must have an excuse for leaving home is a step too far. If the government persists with this strategy eventually the worm will turn and there will be considerable trouble in this country. I don't want to demonstrate in Trafalgar Square but I do want to go out without a "reasonable excuse."
If folk were confined to their homes, there would be no-one in the streets, no-one in the shops and no-one at their place of work.
There’s people stupidly and unnecessarily suffering from Covopia and there’s Covid worshippers, both of whom are regularly on AB, and they couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the bigger picture.

Frankly, they’re pathetic.
But there is hardly anyone on the streets, my high street has 3 shops open - Superdrug, Boots and Poundland (??). Everywhere else is shut.
Would you be happy to see the legislation currently in force to be made permanent then, Corby? If not, why not? After all, it's not causing any problems, is it?
A few hundred people in ( three cities) go on a protest) and only 22 arrests, this is the best the Mail can report on, and everyone finds it alarming. I've seen a bigger protest at the nursery when the Xmas play has been cancelled.
Who has suggested the restrictions be made a permanent feature?

'It is not reasonable, whatever the crisis, to restrict people to leaving their homes only with a "reasonable excuse."'

Would you want free moment still, if the R rate were ten and the fatality rate
fifty percent?
-- answer removed --
//Would you want free moment still, if the R rate were ten and the fatality rate
fifty percent?//

But it's not and is never likely to be. The "R" rate is a best guess and nobody knows what it is or has been. The mortality rate has never been higher than 15% and that was when mass testing was not undertaken and only those who were ill were tested. So the question is rhetorical. I'm commenting on reality, not blood curdling fiction (we get enough of that from the "scientists".

The government is now planning further restrictions after the current regime "ends" on Dec 2nd and frustration and disobedience will get worse. If the government wants to devise an effective strategy it needs to devise one which works and not one which is disreputable. There is no evidence that allowing people out of their homes only with a reasonable excuse curbs infections. It is doing something "because something must be done." The idiots in this scenario are politicians who keep doing the same thing (or variations thereof) expecting to see different results. In the meantime the country is going to Hell in a handcart (unless you've got Covid).
It is obvious the some persons responding on here haven't got relatives or friends who got Covid just by leaving their homes, and causing others to be subject to isolation.
I agree with the remarks of CORBY.
The rules are there to be obeyed for safety.
Before a ceiling comes crashing down, for whatever reason, it is usually predetermined by small but growing cracks appearing.
The cracks in our society are a mere preindicator of a big crash, or several, yet it is futile to try and paper over the cracks, demo stations , arrests whatever, because that means we take our eye off the ball, and are totally unprepared for the big one, which will come.
//It is obvious the some persons responding on here haven't got relatives or friends who got Covid just by leaving their homes,//

Anyone worried to that extent can stay indoors. The only other remedy is for all of us to stay indoors 24/7 with or without a reasonable excuse. The chances of you even encountering somebody with Covid is about one in two hundred. The chances of you contracting it from them is a fair sized multiple of that. If those odds are too short for you to take the risk then you should stay indoors (where you may get electrocuted by a faulty device).
"The mortality rate has never been higher than 15%"

"So the question is rhetorical. I'm commenting on reality"

How can you say that when you stated, 'It is not reasonable, whatever the crisis"?

If it's "not reasonable, whatever the crisis", that includes every scenario, including a pandemic with a much higher transmission rate and much higher fatalities.

There are fewer folk out and about every day getting messages and that fact alone must mean they are not confined to their homes.

Yes, the legislation restricts the reasons for leaving their homes but they are not prevented from doing so and you have already made it very clear you choose not to do so as often as you could.

The chances are one in two hundred of catching it now then NJ, its seems to be on the up and up compared to what you were saying 2/3 months ago. If you want to know what happens with no control or precautions, look to the USA, I believe its two and a half million dead.

Now you might say that's nothing compared to the size of the US,well that's on the up and up on a daily basis. Now, can you not see with such a small country like the UK how already with control, we have over 50k deaths, if went about it slap happy like the US, we would be in big trouble within a few weeks, and deaths rocketing out of control like the US. As I've said many times before, its been all about buying time, that's what the restrictions have been about, I think its a case of you and DD have got it all wrong and can't accept that fact, I say that because you and DD have avoided most if not all posts on the up and coming vaccine and its success, so people can get back to normal and get the economy up and running again, you can't do that if people are dead. If it had been left to you and DD I dread to think how many would be dead and dying as of today.
Stupid. There were posts on facebook yesterday from various forces saying look we don’t want to use force but if you do this we will arrest you.

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