Gabriel Scally - Project Fear?

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mushroom25 | 13:41 Thu 19th Nov 2020 | News
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Professor Scally said on ITV this morning "There is no point having a very merry Christmas and then burying friends and relations in January and February"

Project Fear? or a warning that needs heeding by all?


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mushrooom a dont know which youtube site you got your information from about 12-32% of us have had Corona but it just shows how much misinfamation is out there.
You mustnt be aware that samples are done where 100000 peopel are tested in each time period across England and these still show only 6% of peopel have the viruss antibodies. It was 6% in August and still 6% in October in England/
You'll after read this to find out the reality

From the article- "When you think that 95 out of 100 people are unlikely to be immune and therefore likely to be susceptible, then we are a long, long way from anything resembling a population-level protection against onward transmission,” said co-author Helen Ward, professor of public health at Imperial."

So we'r nowhere near herd immunity and wont be until we role out a vaccinne.

The 32% figure you misundastood as it was the suggested figure in some parts of London (could be as high as 32%)

The figure's for Wales, Scotland and Northen Ireland are also well under 10% AFAIK

//But we still have choices weather to follow the rules...//

No we don't - unless you're prepared to break the law.
I haven't taken any precautions since March. Just carried on. Actually, when I go to the supermarket, I put the mask on but that's all. It goes under my chin. Anyway, It's a bit grubby now. I've had it since April. Might get another one next April. Annual re-newal sort of thing, yer know.. The last time I used hand sanitiser was in August 2017 when I went to see a relative in hospital. Do you think it will still be effective?
Showing contempt for the law, and contempt for the health of other people, is not something I'd be proud about. Not to mention contempt for the rights of business owners to enforce store rules.
Yes, sad that some find it funny jim but a can spot a windup merchant . Hes probly hinding under the table really with a mask and gloves on and has disinfected his keyboard regular
My thoughts as well Jim, but I can tell a windup merchant, but clarion is not one of them.
Contempt for anything that tries to override basic personal freedoms is the right thing to do. There is a hierarchy of priorities.
Basic personal freedoms end when they impinge on the freedoms of others. Shops have, in that sense, the right to set policies such as the requirement to wear a mask, etc. They become a natural extension of the rules -- or of just being a decent member of a society, when some limits on personal freedom have to be accepted for the benefits of the society as a whole. I can think of no greater reason than to combat something that should be so uncontroversial as a severe health threat -- which, it should be noted, is currently accounting for around 400 deaths a day in the UK alone.

It's a strange sense of priorities, is all I can say.
Spot on Squad! Tis all true what I said folks! No-one has the right to challenge me about wearing a mask unless they are from the police - no matter who's store I'm in. It's nothing to do with anyone else. Nothing. The Covid Cowboys who stand at the entrance to shops and shopping centres, challenging people about masks, have absolutely no authority to do so. What? Just doing their job? Their job is working in the store/shop, not being a Covid Camp Guard.

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Gabriel Scally - Project Fear?

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