Bbc And Channel 4 Are 'Cramping Creativity' In Comedy…

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naomi24 | 10:17 Tue 17th Nov 2020 | News
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…because they fear offending 'the woke', says Have I Got News For You producer, Jimmy Mulville.

He said a joke about Abu Hamza's hook hand was once pulled for being 'disablist'

He said he hopes 'we'll wake up' from fear of this 'cancel culture', and added: 'I have views about "the woke". I think it's pathetic'.

I too think it’s pathetic. What say you?


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//you should watch Spike Milligan, talk about anti establishment, anti pc
still hilarious by the way//

I grew up watching Q. Spike is my hero.

"Stick it in the curry"
i find most or at least many of the current crop of comedians unfunny, but we are all different. Maybe its because they don't want to offend anyone.. I still love Billy Connolly,
mozz, i watched some the other morning, i don't know why i patched into some youtube video's, cracked me up.
I used to enjoy Drop the Dead Donkey. Very witty programme.
Have to admit I often had a bit of a problem understanding Billy Connelly. and his accent. Some of what he said was way over my head.
I often stick a Goon Show on if I'm feeling down in the dumps Emms. Nothing like a "Silly twisted boy" or Bluebottle getting deaded to put a smile on my face.
there was one about a Pakistani dalek, must look that up again
The Pakistani Dalek was where that "Stick it in the curry" quote comes from, after exterminating the parrot (and then the dog)
just makes me laugh, that is what counts. for me any rate....
Good idea putting out a warning before a program but of course this wouldn't be enough for the woke brigade, they want to ensure that they have the final say on what is allowed to be shown so that no one has access to anything they deem to be unsuitable. Its called censureship.
There you go Emmie.

thank heavens we have youtube. you can watch anything on there, its where i watched Spike do his stuff...
thanks Mozz......
Yup. Plenty of Goon Shows on there too!
anarchic and where some future comics got their inspiration...
Question Author
I was rather hoping to see more thoughts on the value of protecting freedom of speech - but that seems to have gone by the board.
sorry got carried away there. Freedom of speech is there such a thing anymore. especially in comedy.
I can't really see how not showing a program they consider out of date is a freedom of speech issue. Any channel must decide whether content fits their M.O.

It's not pandering to wokeness or anything like that, it's just how things are and how they have been since television started.
i don't mind comedians swearing, its that often or not its not done in context more just for the sake of it.
Freedom of speech hasn’t been around for quite a while now Naomi, since the introduction of the Orwellian concept of ‘hate speech’ when it became possible to prosecute people for what they say.
If we dont have freedom of speech we have very little to look forward to.

A gud example of how things have not changed for the better in this ever increasing environment of stifling and being talked down to by those who have no more rights than u or I.

Do certain laws need changing? Well,it wudnt matter to those who are constantly offended either bcos of religious or other reasons who wud still seek to overpower those who meekly submit willingly.

Yet another example of how the world went mad....

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Bbc And Channel 4 Are 'Cramping Creativity' In Comedy…

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