Covid Mink Disease In Denmark

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Peter Pedant | 19:57 Mon 16th Nov 2020 | News
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People are aware that 200 mink farms, the personnel and mink have tested positive for covid. But does that mean we are all gonna DDDDIIIIIEEEEE ?

No - the mutations identified are no big deal apparently

but Denmark is still on course to be mink-free. 17 m to go.

oh -


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oh question - what do people think of the article in Nature?
do you thinkthey asked sqad for an opinion?
Minks look healthy & alert in the photo and the pelts look fine. As for testing flies, am blowed, unless there is a pile of carcases somewhere. Animal Rights are behind this imo. Winter pelts are better for usage but as I dont wear fur I know others living in icelandic conditions rely on fur in harsh winters.
Human solution => kill the animals.
I hope not. Humans are animals too.
Animal Rights weren't behind it.
PS that is a stock photo.
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alphaville is quiet - probably because of its awful pre-covid reputation and we have little covid

is the article for why are death rates in covid falling

( rather than as I said - why have they stopped dying )

just a grouping in case any one is into reading article in Nature
good article but nothing new

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Covid Mink Disease In Denmark

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