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bobbinwales | 21:59 Mon 09th Nov 2020 | News
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Was this the storey you posted about?


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Thought I'd imagined the whole thing for a few minutes there.

Itchy trigger finger tonight again?
yes, but I suppose we are no longer allowed to highlight Islamic atrocities.
I answered on his thread, gone has it?
The wording did put me on alert but I left the screen.

I'll repeat my reply.

I suspect this post will be gone soon too!
I think it's Islamist atrocities, Tora.
No reason for this OP to go, Bobbin hasn't said anything remotely inflammatory.
Why are some users censored for talking about Islamist atrocities?- The Site Rules specify that "lively debate" is encouraged. Or is this only pro-Islamist lively debate?- thanks in advance for any clarification.
I didn't see the question but clearly a Mod thought it broke the Site Rules.
-- answer removed --
Mamylanne- it may be distasteful, but asking a question which is "inflammatory" is "encouraged" in the Site Rules, not discouraged. Inflaming a "lively debate" is "encouraged".
"Why are some users censored for talking about Islamist atrocities?"

It's not the subject but it's likely to be words or phrases used in questions or comments that result in deletions.
I have no idea who removed it but I do know what the words (acronyms) used were - there was no need for them.
Absolutely horrific
see ^^^^^
TTT - Tora The Target...
He has a sign on his back saying 'Zap me'.
Is it at all possible to discuss this terrible crime without it becoming all about TTT's provocative use of accusatory language.
I've absolutely no idea what was said in the deleted thread about this, but that article is disturbing and the attackers absolute scum.
ok I get it. They are really decent chaps, just got a little carried away that's all.

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