Minks - Conveyors Of Covid..? Unbelievable!

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DTCwordfan | 19:07 Fri 06th Nov 2020 | News
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But the Daily Wail features this story and the Beeb News has picked up on it.

Any comments

However, poor Danes - they say a woman needs four animals in her life.
1. A mink on her back
2. A Jaguar in her garage
3. A Tiger in her bed.
4. A *** or Ass to pay for it all.

Looks like the Danes are one down.


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plenty of comments on the 2 previous threads on this subject

Already covered in
"Denmark covid"
"Worrying covid development"
Its true. I know someone who lives in Denmark, its been bubbling along there for around the last 4 weeks. She was amazed that it hadn't gone global. They have brought in non Danes to do the cull as the Danes wouldn't do it.
// plenty of comments on the 2 previous threads on this subject//

so what ? we used to have up to 5 Brexit threads all saying the same thing day after day
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true Peter and, without looking, bet they don't refer to the animals. The missing one is Jack - by the way. How can a donkey transgress the site Bot? Sometimes AB is more Christian than God himself/herself/ itself....

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I pre-searched mink as well!
Just seen this. If all these mink are going to be culled - can I have their coats please?
jourdain they are being incinerated
Poor little *** --I know they are vicious preditors and kill a lot of wildlife but just imagine the life they have had. Stuck in cages and then killed off for their fur and now millions are to be exterminated . I thought mink farming had died out. The Danes should be ashamed of themselves.
My Danish friend says that for them, death is better than the life they lead.
woofgang^^^^ I 'll agree with that.
Andres, do you mean the Danish government should be ashamed or every Danish person, the majority of whom have nothing to do with mink?
I am not going to criticise the Danes for mink farming whilst the UK allows intensive farming and battery hens for cheap meat and eggs. Point one finger and three fingers are pointing back at you. I won't wear fur but do wear leather and sheepskin.
Denmark exports mink pelts to China. The UK is the world's second largest exporter of arms. We are in no position to judge
Battery hen farming is no longer legal in the uk
Oh, yippydoo, woofgang, I bet the hens that are legally in cages now really appreciate that extra 20% the law gave them.
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see post at 21.25
Oh, thanks ael. I assume you are a vegan, margie.
Why is it unbelievable? Everything from bats to pangolins been accused of carrying Covid 19

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Minks - Conveyors Of Covid..? Unbelievable!

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