Mot During New Lockdown - 5 November.

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daz1969 | 22:11 Sat 31st Oct 2020 | News
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My car has already had an MOT extension til the end of November, my test has been booked for the 9th of November - will I still be able to take my car in? Thanks.


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Ring your garage - they'll tell you.
Who knows. Dont ask the clown Bojo I doubt he knows either.
There's nothing on the website that says MOT test centres will have to close
but the 'fine print' won't be available until the full plans are laid before Parliament.
Same here, due near end of month but not booked in - was wondering if they would extend again.
On a similar vein we have a service due on the Jag( 2 years old so no MOT). Will we be able to get it done or will they walsh out the warranty?
I took my car for it's MOT during the original lock down earlier in the summer. I got a free bus ride home because TFL had taped off the driver's area which happened to be where you have to tap in with your Oyster. Result. Of course you will be able to get your car MOTd
Considering the new proposals were announced only a few hour ago, you have to allow a few days for the details to be finalized.
As I recall it (and as 237SJ's post seems to confirm), MOT test centres weren't actually closed during the first lockdown. It was just accepted that there might have been problems with testing capacity due to many testers having to self-isolate, so people were given extra time to get their vehicles tested. (i.e. MOT testing was still actually available as long as there were the staff to carry out the tests).

On that basis it would seem that your MOT test on 9 November can go ahead as long as the testers aren't self-isolating. The only problem might be as to whether you're allowed to leave home to take the car for its test. Such a purpose isn't listed on the website but it does state "This list is not exhaustive and there are other limited circumstances where you may be permitted to leave or be outside of your home. These will be set out in law and further detailed guidance will be provided":
So it might be a case of "Wait and see!"
I really can't see it being extended again. Where I live, there are people who are waiting until the end of the extension to get their vehicles tested. I find it unbelievable and there will be many unroadworthy vehicles out on the roads. I had our two cars tested recently (one in September; the other in October). No extensions, as that is when they were due. The garage owner said they were having massive problems because people were waiting until the last minute to get the MOT done and minor faults had become major faults, resulting in greater repair costs.
In most European countries the equivalent MOT is conducted bi-annually from the 4th year after first registered (not 3 as in the UK) – there was a proposal a few years ago to align the UK to this regime, but it was rejected (garages would lose too much money).

There is location (I think it is somewhere is the USA or it might be Australia, I can remember where) where they have done away with any on-going safety test on road vehicles – with no increase in road accidents due to un-roadworthy vehicles. From this they concluded that Joe Public was being fleeced by having to pay for unnecessary vehicle tests.

So you have nothing to worry about due to the hiatus in MOT tests in the UK.
Regarding services/warranty conditions - my car had it's first service delayed by 3 months (done in June instead of March) because dealer's service departments were closed. Warranty was not affected - I've saved the email from the manufacturer which confirmed this.
I had the same sort of treatment as ginge. My car was due for service in the lockdown; Volvo give 12 months' breakdown cover with a service and I was told the previous 12 months' cover would be extended until the car could be serviced.
My car’s MOT is due in just over three weeks – I reckon I’m going to have trouble finding a test slot given all those who were given a 6 month extension also trying to get a test.

If plod starts nicking drivers for not having an MOT, I’d expect New Judge to throw the case out, citing the incompetent government. But without an MOT you can’t tax your car (if fact you need more than 2 weeks remaining for it to be valid) – NJ’s hands are likely to be tied in such a situation as this involves money payable to the government and they don’t like not being paid.
My car's MoT is due 1st December and for many years I've had it done at Halford's. Back in August they sent out an email appointments so that people wouldn't get caught by catch-up panic. On Aug 28th I booked mine for tomorrow.
But you’ll lose 2 months worth of MOT, if done within a month of the due date it will automatically be extended by up to a month.
I've lost track of the months.

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Mot During New Lockdown - 5 November.

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