Day Of Shame For Labour, Not My Assessment......

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ToraToraTora | 12:35 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | News
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Nothing like a good old purge to sort things out. But, in all seriousness, if this leads to the utter rejection of Corbynism within the Labour Party, and -- far more importantly -- the end of the ugly monster of Anti-Semitism -- then it will be well worth the angst. As an aside, I've kept this quiet for some time, but in fact I've known personally for a long time that...
13:46 Thu 29th Oct 2020
Chakrabarti always had a bone to pick self-aggrandizing woman.
"And Starmer’s suspension of Corbyn today seems very OTT."

What else could he have done, though? Anything short of full suspension would have implied tacit approval. I have no doubt the suspension will be removed in the fullness of time, as with David Steel.
The damning report has come from the EHRC .
Who are EHMC?

The CEO of EHRC is David Issac a prominent and high profile Jewish Lawyer. So not exactly independent.
Corbyn commissioned a Asian , Sharmi Chakrabarti to look at anti-semitism - and didn't find any.
Sharmer employed a Jewish Lawyer, David Issac to look for anti-semitism, and found loads.

Hmmmm ?
What's your point Sunk? That the Asian is antisemitic or that the Jew is biased?

That’s going to be a difficult question for Sunk to answer Mozz.

I look forward to hearing the answer.
I wouldn't hold your breath DD. Those kind of questions have a tendency towards being ignored.
I dont think it was the anti-semitism bit that annoyed me,it was his support for the psychotic IRA scum.Didnt he realise these mass murderes were the absolute scum of the earth.Utter scum.
It was certainly the antisemitism that annoyed ME, given it was in the now.
In the early 90s I was a green student and one of my set books was Keneally's Schindler's Ark, and to this day it's the only set book I've read over and over again, and it really piqued my interest.

So much so I've visited a number of ex-concentration camps, including the worst of all, Auschwitz, and when in Krakow I always stay in Kazimierz, where the progroms happened, and to this day you can still see bullet holes in some buildings. For me the persecution of the Jews is the most shameful, disgusting, thing that humans have ever inflicting on other humans.

I detest with an all encompassing passion the Jew-haters like Corbyn, Shah and Livingstone.
Apparently the Corbyn fans in the Labour party are resigning their membership en masse in disgust at the decision to suspend Corbyn.

Good. Go away and form your own party where you can talk endless ideological bollhooks amongst yourselves without any worry about ever being elected and having to deliver anything. There was something called the socialist workers party last time I checked (about 30 years ago). Join that if it's still going.
Janet Daley writes in this morning's Telegraph:
'Corbyn himself was a ludicrous figure who had never, during his first 50 years or so as a union convenor, pestilential local councillor (believe me, I had direct experience of this during his Haringey period), rebellious backbencher and full-time protester, thought himself remotely fit for national office. He was manhandled into place by trade union bosses and old school Communists who figured that he would serve their purposes for the moment.'

I could add to that, he is a man without education & of whom his first wife said, in all the time they were married she never saw him read a book.

Well, we know he must have read one at least!
Which one do you think he's read, Khandro. The Beano Annual 1955?
Over the moon he's been outed as a vile anti Semitic mouthpiece who'd have done well in Hitlers Youth Movement !
Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn:
Collects pictures of manhole covers.

Just thought I’d mention it :-)
naomi. //Which one do you think he's read, Khandro. The Beano Annual 1955?//

No I think it was that one by whatsisname - you know, that man with the big, bushy beard
Santa has written a book?
^Haha! Very good.
^That to roy.

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Day Of Shame For Labour, Not My Assessment......

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