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Stop being ridiculously stupid, bednobs.
10:24 Thu 29th Oct 2020
//French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he will more than double the number of soldiers deployed to protect against terror attacks after three people were killed at a church in Nice. Mr Macron’s decision to increase deployments from around 3,000 to 7,000 came hours after the stabbings at the Notre Dame basilica left three people dead.//

Somebody tell him he is gonna need a thousand times more than that.
// Somebody tell him he is gonna need a thousand times more than that//
as the amok natives paw the flesh of fresh French flesh

this is all a bit colonial isnt it - even for AB
but Oh well we live in the past
//Oh well we live in the past //

This is not the past. It's now.
Togo; Macron needs 7 million soldiers on anti-terror patrol?
Mark Almond wrote in today's Daily Mail about the Muslim enclave in France's banlieues.
'Worringly it is the young born and bred,who are most likely to adopt the slogans of Islamist fundamentalism even as they listen to Western rap music'
That statement drives a horse and cart through the bizarre notion that Arabian born muslims are more extreme than your home grown born and bred ones. imho.

A former Malaysian Prime Minister declares all Muslims have every right to kill millions of French citizens.

Meanwhile in the media today, I saw a photograph of thousands of Muslims taking to the streets declaring death and other slogans of ill will to French citizens.
I can only assume they had all been to a prayer meeting and had been stoked up by their God fearing Holy Imam.
That hardly convinces me that only a few followers are extreme potential terrorists.
Like the fascists Nazis it would seem you only need the lead and someone to bang the drum to follow and we get a War.
Followers of this pernicious religion are foot soldiers.
Not for those muslims who disagree with the koran and it's teachings.
They do not have the luxury of haughtily announcing their atheism.
It's called apostate and to do so would find their head rolling in the gutter quicker than you shout Ali's Snackbar.
/Ali's Snackbar.\\

Now I like that one!
retrocop, it amazes me in this day and age, that people follow such an all consuming political ideology, when you see the marches in islamic countries and wonder how many in that crowd would gladly kill for it, let alone the ones who stayed at home or are in work, thats a lot of foot soldiers around the world, let alone the ones in western countries.
The last photo in the link is just one town in Bangladesh. How many more Muslim dominated countries and towns are demonstrating their hatred for the West? Just over some pictures and they are happy to slaughter the innocent in the name of their religion.
I recall some cartoons made against the Christian or Catholic faith some years back. No one was killed as a result of that.
retrocop,totally brainwashed uneducated - madrasa religious from birth to grave life is allah and all the hadiths
or do's and dont's for a better life under allah, sad really..never read any other books, dickens, joyce, hemingway, orwell would be mmm
something they may understand though...just think whole swathes
of countries with the same mindset...millions.

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