How Can We Stop Immigrants To Europe Trying To Cross The Channel?

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naomi24 | 14:13 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Several people including two children and possibly a baby have died attempting to cross the channel from France to the UK. The question is why, when these people are already in Europe and safe, are they so eager to get here? Of course healthcare here is free, but additionally as I understand it benefits in the UK may not be quite as generous as those in some of the other European countries but they are easier and quicker to access, so would bringing our benefits system into line with that of France/Germany etc., have the desired effect - and the added bonus of putting the traffickers, some of whom are alleged to be earning $15,000 a night - exactly where they should be .... out of business?


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We should intercept all boats tow them back to France then destroy the boats. Eventually they would learn that they must use the legal apparatus in place to apply to come to the UK. Better though would be the EUSSR enforcing its own rules in the first place. The French should never have allowed Calais to end up like this, I have a lot of sympathy for the locals over there, must be a nightmare.
Care4Calais has called for legal ways to be available, I agree, I thought they were, are there not British refugee application centres there?
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TTT, but we won't do that. Shouldn't we be asking what we are doing that is enticing people to risk their lives to get here?
As a sovereign nation we ought not be eager to simply copy other nation's welfare system. We make our own decisions. The issue is jointly between the traffickers and those who use them. The French should be catching the traffickers and slamming them up in gaol. The users need to realise the stupid risks they are taking to commit an illegal act, which should, at best, result in them being discovered and returned to France.

As to why they are eager to get here must be multiple reasons. Maybe our reputation as a great place. Maybe some speak a little American so think they'll be understood. Maybe they have family already here. Maybe they have the sense to want to be in a European country free from the EU. Or maybe they've just lost their minds.
I doubt ease of access is the issue. All EU countries have a system in place for newly arrived migrants to ensure basic needs are met until their fate is decided, and all EU countries have a state healthcare system. If people do meet the tough conditions to remain in the UK they must then meet the conditions to claim Universal Credit like everyone else until they find work.

Also bear in mind that in many cases these people are trafficked so don't have a choice.

There's also the factor that those who do choose often aim for countries with which they share a language.
Legal means for illegal immigrants is the last thing any sane nation would put in place. Those groups suggesting it need to be disbanded as they do not have the interest of our citizens at heart and are a detrimental force in the nation.
Naomi: 13:22, well I'm confused really most of left continually tell me what dump the UK is and how almost anywhere is better so I am baffled as to why so many want to risk their lives leaving a safe country to get here. Could it be our very generous benefit system?
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Isn't there a rule that they cannot claim benefits until they have been here five years?
// Care4Calais has called for legal ways to be available, //

well why not just extend the system that already exists. instead of intercepting them at Dover and giving them a train ticket to East Croydon and instructions to report to Lunar House, why not give them a "Rail-Sail" ticket from Calais?
don't think so danny.
Danny, That's post brexit "plans" - I don't think it's currently the case
yes I know we have brexited but I don't think the "plans" have been implemented.
So, five years of questionable ways to get income ?
If illegal, no independent wealth, and no job offer, they ought not be allowed to mooch around for 5 years.
I don’t know the answer. Hopefully without injury or death to anyone .
I'd say the language is a massive part of immigrants wanting to head for the UK.

I'm sure they know we haven't got the most generous benefits system (despite what ABers think) and they aren't handed a house on arrival.

Putting them up in hotels should stop. I don't know the solution to that though. Maybe prefabs or something until they are accessed. Putting them up in hotels...they get their rooms cleaned, fresh bedding, clean towels, toiletries, cooked food, internet, TV. British women fleeing abusive relationships don't get that (I don't know if their is male refuges)

Genuine asylum seekers, ones fleeing for their lives, would be happy to be out of danger, I would think.

I’m not entirely sure ummm, but I don’t think the hotels migrants are housed in are as decent/ luxurious as your post suggests ?
Putting them up in hotels would stop if they were returned to France. A poor second alternative is uding camps to keep them in, but folk like to rail against such an obvious option.
Here you must have a Danish health insurance card to get ANY benefits, so if you are an illegal you are without that backup. These cards are too complicated to counterfeit.....

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How Can We Stop Immigrants To Europe Trying To Cross The Channel?

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