How Can We Stop Immigrants To Europe Trying To Cross The Channel?

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naomi24 | 13:13 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Several people including two children and possibly a baby have died attempting to cross the channel from France to the UK. The question is why, when these people are already in Europe and safe, are they so eager to get here? Of course healthcare here is free, but additionally as I understand it benefits in the UK may not be quite as generous as those in some of the other European countries but they are easier and quicker to access, so would bringing our benefits system into line with that of France/Germany etc., have the desired effect - and the added bonus of putting the traffickers, some of whom are alleged to be earning $15,000 a night - exactly where they should be .... out of business?


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It must be so annoying for those Brexiteers when they voted out , and foolishly thought that was the end of immigrants coming to the U/K.
But no so much for those who foolishly thought that anyone thought there'd be a magic end to illegal immigration. Most knew the first step was regaining control of the rules.
Gulliver, what they were voting for was to stop the legal free movement of EU members, nothing to do with illrgal immigrants.
Commission a large vessel to house them , this way they'll be fed and have a bed and food till they are dealt with by immigration and for France to shoulder it's half of responsibility for them, the first part would stop them absconding and they'd be numbered , not displaced people ,how to prevent the continued influx ? I really don't know , we have to hit the profiteers where it hurts but the coastline is too long and they'd find other ways I'm sure
So some would rather vote to stop legal immigration, from E/U
But illegal immigration from noneE/U will carry on , Bonkers.
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You mean apart from gulliver ?

"France to shoulder it's half of responsibility for them"

They come from France who should take 100% responsibility for them.
But they won't Baldric so I'm playing a 50/50 here
//do you have any in your village gulliver? //

Quite a big encampment of illegals where you are isn't there Gulliver?
Just drive round the side of Luqqa Airport and you will see a little village of stacked containers housing illegal immigrants courtesy of the Maltese Government.
Forget France. If the UK is such a magnet for illegals why aren't the frogs hopping over here ?
As an aside the Captain of the Nave Andromeda oil tanker anchored off St Nazaire and,as is the protocol,requested the French maritime authorities for assistance with aggressive stowaways that had not long been discovered on board.The French told the Captain to sling his hook and take his stowaways out of French water.
That is an example of the cooperation you get from the French.I am suprised the French actually picked up the survivors of the overturned dinghy and brought them back to their territory for hospitalisation.
Well maybe its because of the attitude of the French that the immigrants can't wait to leave France. We are too damn soft. For Economic migrants, who are just coming over for jobs/benefits, make it known they will get no social benefits whatsoever, will be kept in minimum comfort accommodation until they can be returned, by the Army, from where they came from. Word will soon get round its not worth the effort. Instead we give them free Accomodation and assign them a refugee worker to make sure they are not missing out on any government handouts. Most think they've died and gone to heaven -wait till they start asking for Virgins !
//Most think they've died and gone to heaven -wait till they start asking for Virgins ! //

Won't find many if they rock up in Wales. That's why they are called Welsh rarebit.
There must be a day of reckoning for France and the conduct of the French authorities. We have had the evidence of the policy that funnels all illegal immigrants to the UK, and irrefutable evidence that the authorities even aid and abet the criminal invasion. Here's a new one. We have all been reading about the violent Nigerian stowaways on an oil tanker that have been "apprehended" by our brave lads from the boat squad, at great expense, and no small risk to life and limb of the forces. Did you know that the "pirates/stowaways" were discovered by the crew some way away from the UK, and in accordance with maritime law the crew asked for permission to dock in the nearest port and discharge the unwanted stowaways so that they could be charged with criminal intent or repatriated? The country that refused entry to the endangered tanker was France. France ignored all recognised protocols and refused to take the illegal boarders. This is the same France that is also being accused of actually allowing the cross channel dinghies to be placed aboard French fishing vessels who then discharge them just outside British territorial water and herd them across the line until the British Border Patrol(laughable title) take them to the nearest lawyer. The Nigerian stowaways are safely ensconced in digs, with free wifi, 3 square a day, and a brief each whilst relaying instructions to fellow Nigerian chiefs and princes on how to get here(for a small fee) ... We must be mad.
//wait till they start asking for Virgins//

Haha they want 72 each as well.....doubt there are that many in the country judging by the porn star video dress code that is all the rage.
15.33 ,I often wonder what row " Retro of The Yard " was sitting in when the brains were given out, it certainly was not the front row.
//I often wonder what row " Retro of The Yard " was sitting in when the brains were given out, it certainly was not the front row.//

You wouldn't have seen him. He was about twenty or thirty rows in front of you. :-)
And I was twenty or thirty rows in front of you. Beaky.
Nice one NJ.

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