Protests Against Covid Restrictions In Spain And Italy

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naomi24 | 09:19 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Not a pretty sight but is it any surprise that people are becoming thoroughly fed up with it all?


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luxury goods shops, including a Gucci fashion shop, were ransacked in the centre of Turin
The real reason?
Not at all. Surprised the majority comply after the restrictions during the first wave bought us the extra time required.

(And now we are told that the body's immune period is rather short, which would mess up any vaccine's ability to safeguard us by triggering our immune system, unless it's a permanent life of monthly injections for everyone. More and more it looks like trying to turn back the tide.)
bobbi - I think Christmas Bargains is the reason.
Unfortunately these days it seems looters attach themselves to all causes, just look at the USA. It's a shame as it removes the legitimacy of the original cause which is NOT to loot.

I suspect this will get more traction across Europe. The virus has been shown not to kill massive numbers and indeed the rate of death is minimal now in correlation to the number tested with it.

Peoples lives are not being deeply affected and soon we will start to reap the deaths caused by lack of care for other medical problems which is predicted to outnumber covid deaths.

People, particularly in Europe, will take to the streets, many have nothing to loose.

Listening to LBC on the way home from work last night, Eddie Mair had a number of callers on who have had to revert to paying for their own 'routine' treatments; there was one lady on whose sister needed operations on her knees, and whilst it was considered routine, when Covid struck her operation was cancelled and there was no date provided when it would happen. It may be considered routine, but to the individual the pain, and immobility, was such that she ended up paying £20,000 to have the operation done privately...and no doubt the surgeon and the anaesthetist, when not working privately, are employed by the NHS.

I'm being flippant, but perhaps for the foreseeable, the NHS should be re-named the CHS!

Now we're being told there may be a second total lockdown - to what end? It's been proven that it doesn't stop the virus, but merely reduces the number of infections, but as has been proven, when the restrictions are relaxed, the infections increase. I'm no epidemiologist, but I don't think I need to be, to be able to know this was always going to happen.

Are we going to have lockdown, relaxation, lockdown, relaxation until the virus has run its course, and that assumes it does run its course.

How may people are going to abide by the rules on the number of people meeting when it comes to Xmas day? Very few I would imagine.

Here's a radical idea, let's not have any restrictions at all and see how we get on, whilst, obviously, protecting the old and the vulnerable, if they want to be protected.

The consent of the people will continue to be withdrawn, as is being shown in Europe, as people are getting thoroughly fed-up with not being able to lead their lives, not being having operations or other treatments, seeing their livelihood threatened and so on, particularly given most of the rules in the UK, from a common-sense POV, don't stand-up to even the merest of scrutiny.

How many more times does it have to be said that the vast vast vast majority of people (99.5% last time I heard) who become infected will survive, and the odd get even better the younger people are.

It's madness to even consider another total lockdown.
// The virus has been shown not to kill massive numbers ... //

"Massive", in this context, is very clearly subjective. A disease that, in the UK, was killing almost as many people for around a five- to six-week period as every other cause of death put together, can probably be safely considered to "kill massive numbers". Nor is around a 0.4% Fatality rate "minimal", when compared to many other diseases -- Covid-19 also spreads faster than many diseases, making its toll higher still compared to diseases that kill fewer and infect fewer.

Finally, again, people are making the mistake of focusing only on death. It's very clear that many who get seriously sick without dying are still feeling the long-term effects months after "recovering". Having many dead, and many more with serious health conditions, is a bad outcome and one that should be avoided if at all possible.
“Having many dead, and many more with serious health conditions, is a bad outcome and one that should be avoided”

It is, but many already have serious health conditions, the treatments for which have been put on hold.
Plus all those with undiagnosed conditions. (Non Covid).

How much longer can we carry on as if we are living in an episode of “Survivors” and more or less ignore anything that’s not Covid?
jim 'Exact approximations vary but the survival rate for Covid-19 is thought to be somewhere above 99 per cent, and maybe as high as 99.8 per cent.
The average age of someone who dies from coronavirus is 82.4, which, by the way, is nearly identical to the average life expectancy in Britain (81.1). Surely it is people in this segment of society we should be focusing on protecting.'
If you are under 50 there is almost no chance at all of dying & of teenagers & children, zero.
I am only surprised that it has taken so long to come to this. The discontent looks as though it will spread rapidly.
I predict Liverpool and Manchester will be next, just in time for Xmas.

I'm sure I'm like many people, in that as soon as I hear the word 'looting' I lose any sympathy I had for the protesters.
Two very good, well reasoned and eloquent posts by the above ABERSs Jim and Deskdiary giving the pros and cons re. Lockdowns.

Unfortunately Lockdown is the only show in town to contact the virus and to support the NHS.
The elderly are adhering to the regulations but the majority, usually the young are not and for reasons of which I have some....some...sympathetic.
The attitude that one sticks two fingers up to Lockdown at Christmas is MADNESS.
Just obey Governmental rules,however seemingly incoherent and that is our best shot.
This spike is going to exceed,the first spike both in deaths and hospital admissions........don't blame the Governmejt totally.
protecting the old and the vulnerable

people keep saying this, but how has it turned out so far? Care homes.
I think the majority of people have obeyed the rules, sqad, even those that think they’re pointless.
The only way a lockdown may work, is to confine absolutely everybody indoors for X amount of time, and close everything else down including emergency/essential services, meaning the only buildings occupied would be people’s homes, and maybe hospitals if they can find a way to get staff to live there for the duration and not allow anybody else in or out.
Impossible to do.
"How may people are going to abide by the rules on the number of people meeting when it comes to Xmas day? Very few I would imagine."..

Really speaking you should only speak for yourself and not try and tar everyone with the same brush!
////BigbadI think the majority of people have obeyed the rules, sqad, even those that think they’re pointless./////

I beg to differ.....the majority of the over 65's and the vulnerable maybe, but not the rest of society and at Christmas it is going to get worse,the young insisting having the day with the family.
I'm sure the virus will recognise that "... people are becoming thoroughly fed up with it. . ." and go away.
I love and respect the - I wanna DDDDIIIIIEEEEE -
ou - - espece de con - I voudrais mourir
o - morire e il bel giuoco
Latin of course - nos morituri ....

( forrin for foreigners - see?)

but its taking the others with them - people like well me - wivvart my consent like
// I'm sure the virus will recognise that "... people are becoming thoroughly fed up with it. . ." and go away.//

or the virus will say " well explained Naomi, I see I have done far too much - and I will go back to wuhan, hey you dont have £5 do you?"
When I go out sqad, (which isn’t very often) I see more people wearing masks than not, and more people distancing than not.
Those not complying seem to be from all ages.

These lockdown measures are not working. The virus can’t be beaten, and is probably here to stay.
Protect the vulnerable if they want to be protected, but let the rest of us get back to normal.
The lack of treatment for other conditions, job losses, and isolation people are experiencing are making the cure far worse than the disease.
Yes other hospital treatments are being postponed due to Corona- but a never understand why the judge and others (not here) use that as an arguement against lockdowns. Unless the arguement is let more peopel catch it and let them die off at home rather than in hospital.
Yes peopel a getting frustrated and more will stop co operating but the protestors are generaly not just frustrated peopel like those on here, they are conspirocy theorists , anti vaxers, anarchists, anti police, BLM, anti capitalists and yes those who like an excuse to loot

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Protests Against Covid Restrictions In Spain And Italy

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