Protests Against Covid Restrictions In Spain And Italy

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naomi24 | 08:19 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Not a pretty sight but is it any surprise that people are becoming thoroughly fed up with it all?


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// but not the rest of society and at Christmas//
yeah but no but sqad ( feleeth natividad by the way )
think about it and please TRY to be serious
two for one viral christmas
you buy all your relatives christmas presents now
say sixteen ( coz you have a lot of frenz and admirers)
and by Christmas eight have them will have died
( they were gonna die anyway as NJ says)
and so the remainder get a two for one christmas presents

good idea well fort out huh?
its bigbads point a just dont get. How will letting peopel get on with life (and therefore lots more infections and hospital cases ) help those who are waiting for other ops. It doesnt make sense.
France is also ready to blow. Riots in Paris and fireworks thrown with tear gas deployed to disperse the arsonists and "protesters".
Since Saturday, nearly 70 per cent of the population of France has been under a night-time curfew, as the country became the second( after Spain) in the EU to top one million confirmed cases of the Chinese coronavirus.
""Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that from overnight Friday to Saturday at midnight, 38 more départments will be added to the restrictions list, more than double the number currently subjected to the curfew.""
""Frenchmen will be forbidden from going out between 9 pm until 6 am, needing a certificate of travel to be out during the curfew. Being caught on the streets without official permission could result in a €135 fine, which rises of up to €1,500 for subsequent offences. Affecting a total of 54 départments and 46 million French people, some 69 per cent of citizens are now under night time lockdown, according to radio broadcaster France Bleu.""

The casual observer may notice that the vast majority of the rioters and curfew breakers appear to be the new and exciting type of Frenchmen. There will be no blanket coverage of the events until your approved news maker finds a way to blame Boris.

////Protect the vulnerable if they want to be protected, but let the rest of us get back to normal./////

Many people would agree with you, more than you think and I define that as "Herd Immunity".....which in my definition is to sacrifice the week and vulnerable for the preservation of the young and fit. That is my definition which is quite different from the scientific definition.
So,who is going to suggest that to the Government and how is it to be implemented, can the hospitals,crematoria and graveyards cope?
Won't bother me.....I would be sacrificed LOL
Because, bobbinwales, we will end up with more deaths if people remain untreated for other conditions. Most people with Covid don’t need hospital treatment, and it seems reasonable to say that Covid isn’t going away any time soon, so how long do we keep pretending it can be beaten?

As I said before, protect the vulnerable if they want to be protected, but personally, I’d rather cancer patients and those with other life threatening conditions get the treatment they need, and I’d rather nobody else lose their job.
//vast majority of the rioters and curfew breakers appear to be the new and exciting type of Frenchmen//
A can work out the point your making
Off course we want to treat cancer patients Bigbad but how will stopping lockdowns help. Hospitals are open not locked down unless your saying doctors and nurses a sitting with nothing to do just incase some corona patients come in.
I have no idea sqad, and it’s not something I’m suggesting should happen.
Just “putting it out” as the only way I can see any kind of lockdown working.

Besides, I don’t think it matters who suggests what to the government, they only listen to the “experts” that they want to listen to.
I’m starting to wonder if most of their implementations are only because they don’t have the nerve to try the “let’s just get on with it” approach.
Its easy to say protect the vunerable but how on earth do we do that. Lock them all up, ban them from shopping, curfews for over 80s. There getting it from young peopel aswell you realise?

Lockdowns have resulted in the cancellation of hospital appointments.
Although, I’m not sure if they fear people picking up the virus in hospital, or taking the virus into the hospital.
Either way since the start of the pandemic, treatment for other illnesses have been curtailed.
"New and exciting".
I suppose that's one way of describing this section of the population.
A can see your frustration but its not making sense. Stopping lockdowns will mean more corona patients not less so how will that help cancer treatment done. Unless your saying dont admit serious corona patients - let them try to recover or die at home

I don’t know, bobbinwales, (and not all vulnerable seem to want to be protected) but carry on like this, and there will be even more vulnerable people in the world.
Do you think the virus is going to be beaten soon?
Do you think more people should lose their jobs?
Do you think the majority of people should carry on like this indefinitely?
I also have some sympathy with anti-lockdown protests and sentiments, or with lack of compliance with the rules. This year has been maddening: basically banning normal social life is putting a strain on everybody's mental health.

Where I lose sympathy is in the conceit that the rules are either ineffective or not even necessary to prevent what will, with very little doubt, be a great deal of premature deaths. I don't buy the idea for a second that because it's mostly old people who are dying that this in some way makes it OK to endure. It is Remembrance Sunday coming up, for example: it goes without saying that those survivors of a generation whose sacrifice we wish to particularly remember are going to be the elderly generation, who are also acknowledged as more vulnerable to Covid-19. Are we meant to ask them to make a second sacrifice? I am sure that this is not what people mean for a second, but it is, in effect, certainly what they end up saying.

It's also not true that there is "zero" chance of teenagers dying. Yes there's a strong correlation between age and risk of death, but we may as well be accurate on such matters.

Cancer and other treatments were curtailed from the start of the first lockdown. Now people are behind with their treatment, and others haven’t even started theirs.
Open up hospitals properly. The NHS is supposed to treat all illness.
Of course I’m not saying Corona patients shouldn’t be treated, but as I said before, most don’t need hospitalisation.
No, most don't need hospitalisation -- but quite a lot do, and it's clogging up hospitals anyway.
“and it’s clogging up hospitals anyway.”
It seems to be, but what do we do? Sacrifice those with other medical conditions, or those with Covid?

Preferably, neither.
It’s not just the elderly who are vulnerable. I know if my dad was still alive, I’d move heaven and earth to keep him safe and well, but I also know his attitude would have been one of preferring to see the people he cared about, rather than gaining a bit of extra time by never seeing anyone.

My daughter is classed as vulnerable too, but after seeing a report on the news a while back about someone who has the same incurable condition, it appears to be another postcode lottery.
The person on the report had been in isolation for months as she was told she was very vulnerable, but my daughter was told she was in the medium bracket.

I’d just be interested to know from those that agree with all this lockdown stuff, how long they think it should go on for, and what measures should be taken to ensure it actually works, because so far, any good that has been done, has only been temporary.
It's a difficult balance to strike, but it can hardly be a balance that doctors are unaware of. One has to trust that they are judging the patients whose care is most urgent correctly, or as correctly as possible.
I’d like to say I think that’s exactly what the doctors do, but I honestly believe they do what is best and cheapest for the NHS.
I lost all faith in the NHS a long time ago.
And yes, that is from experience, (more than 1 patient).
But I’m not going into details!
Well if I was working on the front line of covid, I would already be sick to death of hearing the media banging on about Christmas day, the so called big day for pass the parcel, and stuff yourself silly. So it looks like 2 months of constant calls to not cancel this nonsense, and no doubt this stupid government will try and use this so called great day to control people.

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Protests Against Covid Restrictions In Spain And Italy

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