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ichkeria | 12:47 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | News
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“Non-essential goods are not allowed to be sold over the next two weeks. That's why there are hundreds of shops the length and breadth of Wales are closed. The underlying issue is not about shopping, it is about saving lives."

This statement from Wales’s first minister makes absolutely no sense.

I was about to post this to an existing discussion. This has now been removed it appears.
Please, AB, do not keep doing this unless there’s a really good reason.
It’s infuriating


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It all seems to have become very political, lockdowns really dont work but as they can use a buzzword they will.

For me it is excellent as Drakeford is showing what labour would do, I didnt think anyone could be worse than Hancock but here we have proof.
Everything about this virus is bizarre and getting more so by the minute! In my opinion Wales' first minister has lost the plot!
Sorry Ichkeria, it was my post and I asked for it to be removed as was advised it was deemed as a non story.
I don't know if it can be reinstated or how to get it reinstated.
Question Author
It makes it seem as though the sale of non-essential goods is responsible for the virus!
He doesn’t mean that I’m sure.
But it’s more or less what he said.
Ich, the OP requested the removal.
Question Author
It’s ok tigger not your fault.

I suppose we are not allowed to comment on removed threads, so I’d better shut up. There was nothing controversial about it. Just a misunderstanding I suppose
tiggs - you could ask for it to be re-instated again, but don't know if it will now. It was a good thread.
Yes it is very badly worded, but then the whole thing appears to have been rushed out and not thought through.

In their defence I suppose they are little more than a parish council but with far too much power. These devolved assemblies need to be abolished, far too much money wasted.
Question Author
IMO if someone requests the removal of their thread, the site should double check whether there is any need to actually do it.
I've gone through 'contact us' to see if it can be reinstated.
ich, e-mail your thoughts to the Ed.Complaining here will achieve nothing.
Seems quite clear inthe context of Covid.
Reduce the number of shoppers and you reduce the number of covid cases and deaths.
I commented on one of the earlier threads on this - one of them yours Ich.

I can see the inconveniences but also am able to discern there is also some sense behind the move in the short term.
oh - can I make a 100% AB proper question

so, does this mean that the Welsh Govt is saying women arent allowed to have periods anymore? FOObar tring trang! righto!

clearly and homage to TTT

this is ajoke
Will supermarkets still be able to sell on-line those products which they can't sell in their shops? If so it blows the concept of 'fairness' sky-high.
tigger, //I asked for it to be removed as was advised it was deemed as a non story.//

That's misleading. I said it was a non-story because the whole stupid incident was just a mistake that was soon rectified - but that doesn't mean it was 'deemed' a non-story. It was just my opinion. I didn't expect you to ask for it to be removed. I'm sorry if you misunderstood.
// I asked for it to be removed as was advised it was deemed as a non story.//

no I didnt - I protested !
in fact I commented ( so I can recycle) that a true story was being pulled on the grounds that it was true!
and then topped it with a suitable NT greek quote
( and the troof will make you free....)
Greek :
καὶ γνώσεσθε τὴν ἀλήθειαν,
καὶ ἡ ἀλήθεια ἐλευθερώσει ὑμᾶς.

there is a chronic rabid non-deemer around AB who who deems that anything not written by them is deemed unutterable crap

Psst I bet there is a thread running with this very idea !
The ban on non-essential goods includes clothes - and that's 'to save lives'. Let's hope no one is in dire need of knickers. I find those rather essential - and I doubt I'd be killing anyone by buying some. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous.
oops speak of the devil !
and do I detect that someone is protesting for the seventh time today - they didnt really say that
instead on the deleted thread they said .....
- and reader we will never know

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