Why Aren't We Filling Up The Nightingale Hospitals With All The Covid Cases?

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dave50 | 15:16 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | News
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If some regional hospitals are filling up with covid cases, why aren't they being shifted to the nightingale hospitals, I thought that's what they were there for? Or does the filling up of local hospitals make better dramatic headlines on the BBC for which they can then send a film crew around the hospital to show how we are all going to die a horrible death which hopefully will then keeps the natives in check?


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Well, this is a few weeks old, but it looks like the ones which weren't closed when they thought the worst was passed are being used for cancer screenings/outpatients.,Centre%20of%20Excellence%20for%20Sustainable%20Advanced%20Manufacturing.%20
As the Mirror article says" It is unclear where the staff will come from".
The doctors & nurses are working in there normal hospitals. A think theyll leave them working there until the need to move some of them to the nightingail ones when there reopened.
Before long long tho a hope they start to use the nightingails as its not a good idea to have lots &lots of peopel with corona and there doctors& nurses sharing hospitals with non-corona patience
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I would have thought that as soon as cases started to rise, these hospitals would have been opened and we would have heard about it.
dave....they were set up to take the NHS overflow, which hasn't happened.......yet!
It's the question all would like answering.

If it's a staffing problem that must have been a known issue from the start, so was the big spend all just deliberate window dressing ? Hopefully not, so there can't be a staffing issue.

Perhaps by not opening them the authorities can claim hospitals are being overwhelmed, thus trying to justify their ridiculous reaction to a virus going around; the massive spend, and the hit to the economy. Not to mention the attempt at slinging away personal freedoms to decide personal issues, and attempting to force the wearing of screens and masks. Keep those unable to stand up for themselves under the thumb and hope that peer pressure from that group makes the independent thinking feel awkward and comply as well.
// Stockport council’s leader Elise Wilson told broadcast media that, in fact, ICU occupancy is only roughly where it would be at this time of the year anyway. //

The Manchester Evening News asked for the admission figures from the 7 Manchester Hospital Trusts, The Government, NHS England, and the Mayor, and no one produced any figures.
Best Answer to Sqad. It’s that simple.
Don't take notice of Government figures or local authority statistics, just ask ANYONE who works in Covid debts, what is happening.
You will get the reply that we are filling up with Covid related patient's.
That's all you need to know.
The bath water is yet to flow over - Belgium apparently (Radio 4) has some serious issues with hossie numbers and regular ops are having to be suspended as far as they can defer/delay them.
The problem is being exacerbated by Track and Trace (staff having to quarantine when notified) as well as staff going off with symptoms, or having to self isolate because a close family member has it.
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But why wait for the hospitals to be at breaking point? Keep the hospitals for none covid cases or at least most cases going to the nightingales.
We may yet find that when you draw back the screening at the very end of the biggest Nightingale hospital that there's a sound stage still set up to fake the moon landings.

There are plenty of noises being made re certain city hospitals packed. If it's not happening, why the complaints ? Someone somewhere seems to be wanting it both ways. Either they're getting overutilised, or they're not.
The cure for covid is turning out to be worse than the disease. It wouldn't surprise me if we're all walking round with this virus inside us. Akin to Typhoid Mary.
A virus so deadly they need to tell you it exists 10 times a day for you to beleive it.
Don't listen to Radio 5 Live, uka. That's all they talk about. All day.
Ok you 2 clearly dont beleive this Corona but why are you hi-jacking this thread. Its about teh Nightingails not skeptic theories. Start your own thread to discus those
dave, if they wanted news photo's they could just as easly do them in the Nightingails

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