Why Aren't We Filling Up The Nightingale Hospitals With All The Covid Cases?

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dave50 | 15:16 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | News
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If some regional hospitals are filling up with covid cases, why aren't they being shifted to the nightingale hospitals, I thought that's what they were there for? Or does the filling up of local hospitals make better dramatic headlines on the BBC for which they can then send a film crew around the hospital to show how we are all going to die a horrible death which hopefully will then keeps the natives in check?


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god that was quick anything good?
it wasnt one of mine was it ( again?)
making a highly relevant point no one wd understand ( in French and Greek of course) - now gone ! never to be thought again
// Nightingale hospitals were for step down and recovering patients,// they have gases plumber in for ventilators actually

the juniors and ( some seniors) were being retrained to do ventilation with some success - anaesthetists of course stepping up and saying "I'm free!" and orthopods showing a certain amount of disbelief ( we do WHAAAAT?) and psych asking "do you have any idea why I did psychiatry?"
//oh whilst I am at it
if there a million cases in the Land of the Free
and 200 000 deaths
that is a case fatality ratio of 20% innit?
or am I wrong?//

Yes you are wrong - considerably. There are 8,889,577 confirmed cases and 230,510 deaths in the USA. So a mortality rate of 2.59% - innit?
Rowanwitch "Nightingale hospitals were for step down and recovering patients, they would be staffed with the doctors and nurses brought back from retirement and military personnel. Not suitable for infection control cases as the are large open spaces. Cost is also a factor. You can't ask the retired staff to come back indefinitely because from experience in hospital bed management I know once those beds have been open a few months they will be relied on and cases will build up accordingly."

Not true according to the BMJ Rowan

If all the people admitted were already infected with Covid then yes, special care would need to be taken by staff but surely viral infection control measures would not be so important as the plan was for only infected people to be admitted.
I'm going by what ex colleagues told me, but if they use them for covid at least they will be able to decommissioned them again
// Yes you are wrong - considerably.//
thanks Id id wonder

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Why Aren't We Filling Up The Nightingale Hospitals With All The Covid Cases?

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