Let Them Eat...?

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allenlondon | 10:37 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | News
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MPs rejected the plea for free school meals to be given during holidays.

Should be very good news for all the Answerbanks who think poor families spend too much on smoking, gambling, etc, so should get NO more handouts!

Let them eat cake! Or nothing.

Charles Dickens would not believe it.



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17:07 Sun 25th Oct 2020
Happy to say that Scottish schoolchildren will be fed (if required) during the school holidays. Where there's a will.......
well Allen, perhaps you and Marcus Rashford could donate some of your vast wealth to pay for it yourselves.
The MP, whose name I forget (okay, I'll be honest, whose name I ignored) who decided that all of Marcus Rashford's efforts in promoting this issue was nothing but virtual signalling got my goat. Arrogant basterd.
maggie: "Where there's a will....... " _ I want to be in it! (that's a paraprosdokian)
I was going to type a huge paragraph but will be as succinct as someone on the TV yesterday who noted you hardly ever see a thin parent who 'can't feed me kids'. They are invariably overweight, so what are they eating? Parents 70 years ago had nothing yet managed to feed their children. This is not about money its about education. Educating people from an early age how to budget and cook.
//This is not about money its about education. Educating people from an early age how to budget and cook.//

I agree entirely that education is needed, but that's not something that will help those in need right now.
Mozz // I agree entirely that education is needed, but that's not something that will help those in need right now.//

But this has been an issue for years. how about instead of giving these parents kids free meals, they use the defunct school kitchens to get the parents in (socially distancing of course) and teach them how to cook a cheap meal?
Free school meals are an elastoplast solution, but although a reasonable universal income is an answer it doesn't accommodate the issues of addiction and inability to manage that can feed into the problem for some families.
While mostly conservative in my beliefs I do have a great deal of sympathy for families who for no fault of their own find themselves in the situation of not being able to feed their children food vouchers for the family rather than free school meals might be better. But there are a minority,probably a very tiny number who are incapable of managing their lives so their children don't suffer, who do put their own needs for whatever reason first and no sanction or support seems able to make a positive change. Whole day holiday clubs for those children are a way of giving some protection, but it places a burden on teachers and social workers to identify them .

Poor old Tories, they thought they'd shut Rashford up with a gong - just shows not everybody is as corrupt at they are.
I agree that children who are in need because of parental incapability should be helped, of course it is not their fault. As you say this is a tiny minority due to perhaps mental health issues and/or addictions. The vast majority of those on benefits take everything they can, of course they do, but they should be expected to 'pay back' into the system by agreeing to learn some skills, or even help give out the free meals.
Canary//just shows not everybody is as corrupt at they are.//
Nor as cynical and curmudeonly as you are.
sob sob Does this mean they'll go without Christmas dinner and presents.
Bloody heartless, these tories.
“well Allen, perhaps you and Marcus Rashford could donate some of your vast wealth to pay for it yourselves.”

What trite and immature response. It certainly shows a lack of emotional intelligence.

We all donated money for wealthy kids to eat out help out, even Cameron and Hunt took advantage.

The families we are talking about couldn’t even afford to do that.

Why do you enjoy making poor children suffer and go hungry?
how would it work anyway, I assume they are not opening schools in the holidays just to serve lunch so it'd no doubt be some sort of voucher scheme, redeemable at cafes, Takeaways etc??
well trevor perhaps their parents can forego their waccy baccy and white lighting for a fortnight. Perlease no one is starving in this country unless they choose to be via poor prioritisation.
Marcus bloody Rashford ......

I was brought up in the late 40,s post WW2 when poverty was a real problem, but even then I was well fed and food banks had never been invented. There were vouchers for school dinners, vouchers for school uniforms and scholarships for children of the poor to go to University if so gifted.
Corporal punishment was de riguer and respect for authority was instilled at an early age......and then came THE WELFARE STATE.....we will look after you from birth to death....don't worry.
I now live in a society of disrespect,lawlessness and food banks over 70years since we were told......we will look after you from birth till death.
Different times.
I have always found a flaw with getting benefit recipients to participate in community work, if that work is needed it should be converted to paid employment but short term jobs should not invoke long waits to restart benefits. Why shouldn't it be possible for someone to take a few weeks paid work then pick up where they left of the first week they return to unemployment. Some people can't cope with the commitment required to take on a regular job but might be happy to do a bit here and there as it was needed if they knew they wouldn't be penalised by the system. Over a year they would require less support, and some may progress to work they can do longer term. As a society we ask people to commit to things for timescales that can be unsustainable for that individual, work, relationships even. Glad I am not in politics
No need to open entire schools, TTT. I remember a good few years back that central kitchens were used to feed kids during the holiday periods. I know this because one of them was directly opposite the property i lived in at the time.
Question Author
"Free school meals are an elastoplast solution" - come off it Rowan. If I had a cut, I'd welcome an elastoplast. And in the longer term, advice on how not to cut myself.

You could be describing UC, Rowan.

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