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Spicerack | 03:52 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | News
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Was much better tonight. Joe nearly lost track of what he was saying a few times, especially towards the end, but managed to pull it back together again.
Trump was less boorish, possibly because of the mic being switched off, but I expect it was partly from watching the 1st debate where he didn't come across too well.
Moderator seemed fair and in control. Imo.
Roll on the 3rd (Nov)


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10:33 Fri 23rd Oct 2020
Trump, for all his faults, is the best bet for America and indeed the whole of the western world.
I think Trump won the debate, Biden lied and lied, and looked confused.
“Well I wasn’t president. I was Vice President. Things will be different when I’m in charge.”

Not nice straight after Obama was out campaigning for him.
Biden's oil gaff could prove costly.
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Blaming the latest e-mail embarrassment on Russia was pathetic.
Not sure what he can do about it, cept maybe go back into hiding until the election is over.
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Must have thrown quite a few states away with the oil gaff. Right near the end as well, bless.
The Bidens are corrupt on a massive scale, and most of the media won't cover it.
// Trump was less boorish, possibly because .....
his minions told him that " keep that up and you will lose"

we are hampered by the hacks and journos are allowed to express political views which the Beeb isnt
even barabar plett usher lets on her wishes and hopes

so even the anodyne statement

Trump interrupted less to general approval ..... ( has no meaning - if you are dem: you wouldnt approve )
a dem wd prefer "Trump interrupted because he feared losing more votes if he didnt.....

so roll on the election

I think when it id done and dusted
we will get a lot of - oh it was always obvious that ....
// The Bidens are corrupt on a massive scale, and most of the media won't cover it.//

excuse what happened to 2016 Putin to Trump
I veel make you the richest man in the world if you allow me a free hand in Europe
Trump "sounds good to me!"

that shd be reechest and vorlt
// “Well I wasn’t president. I was Vice President. Things will be different when I’m in charge.”//

well they dont have a vice pres in Aus and you should be thankful

the vicepresidency aint worth a bucket of poss ( Harry S Truman )
and "the buck stops here" also Truman as president

context is all
Yes having watched most of it it was more civilised if less entertaining than the first.
Some of the above must have been watching a different debate though.
Same old mantra from Trump, which is hardly going to win him the Biden votes he needs.
No plan for Covid but the airy fairy “it’ll all be fine soon” which even Johnson has abandoned here.
No response to the foreign interference question (surely there was the chance to lay into China and Iran)
As for the “oil gaffe”
Scraping the oil barrel there I think ...
We’ll just have to wait and see what happens but I’m not rushing out to put my dollars on the incumbent ...
what was the oil gaff? I didn't watch it.
Not even a gaffe, necessarily. Depends on your perspective, I think. But he said that he'd work to "transition away from the oil industry". Which is (a) not even that dramatic, as transitions can take a long time, and (b) a necessary aspect of any policy working against Climate Change, which we already knew was part of Biden's platform.
thanks jim, How are you feeling about our bet? I think you may be about to level up. A few months ago I'd not have given Biden a hope but I think he's improved and the polls do favour him but we know how fickle polls and indeed the electorate can be. Have you decided on what charity you are playing for yet?
I'm not feeling all that confident, I still feel the pain of 2016. I'll believe it when I see it.

Not decided on a specific charity yet, I confess. If I do win the bet I'll give it some thought then.
I’m not sure these debates sway anyone either way, you’ll just continue to sneer against the person you always did. But US polls have Biden at >53% to Trump.

What is certain though, the ONLY thing that matters to the Orange Tellytubby is WINNING. Other stuff like being a president is just secondary.
Even if Trump won it wouldn't necessarily lead to an easy US-UK trade deal. There are the two branches of US Government to take into account, at least one of which is likely to go to the Democrats.

And, besides, which bit of "America First!" leads anyone to believe that a US-UK deal negotiated by Trump would be anything other than massively in their interests rather than ours?
You think Trump would deliver on any of his promises?

Populists rarely carry through with decent consistent policies. They always end up a crap reflection of what the gullible hordes thought they wanted.

Jim //Even if Trump won it wouldn't necessarily lead to an easy US-UK trade deal. //
Trump would still be the better bet, unless Biden has a change of attitude.

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