Abuse In The Church Of England

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Theland | 17:53 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | News
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Togo - // Do all recognise that it was Theland who put up this thread. If you were of a mind to blame him or belittle his beliefs you should have posted it yourself. //

Suggesting that Theland got in first in order to take first dibs on the moral high ground doesn't really offer the character reference that you seem to be inferring he should receive.

As I have pointed out, he is on here day in day out year in year out telling us all how fabulous his god is, and how we are all missing out by not falling at his feet (God's that is, not Theland's!) so it's time for him to step up and defend what his god has allowed to occur.

And I would like to see him doing it without reference to the catch-all get out, 'free will' because honestly, that's not going to cut it.
Theland or indeed any believer is not responsible for the bad and wicked deeds of others, nor should he have to answer for them.
Is it my comp or is the sum total of that link

//Former Bishop of Chester committed "appalling" sexual abuse, reports finds//
Nor should any "god" tbf... and I'm an atheist!
^ to mamya
Fair point Pixie.
pixie, they do have people who are supposed to be safeguards; the dead man may have been the abuser but it appears others have failed in their own duties.

The latter are perhaps the more serious failures. Nobody can tell if a bishop is an abuser, just as you can't recognise any other abuser - until they are told, then they're supposed to do something about it; it seems they did not.
Refreshed the page, now loaded.

IMO apologies mean nothing when the damage is done.

I am willing to bet that just as with the predominantly Muslim/Asian grooming gangs, the powers that be used their energies to keep this story from surfacing rather than doing anything about.
Mamya - // Theland or indeed any believer is not responsible for the bad and wicked deeds of others, nor should he have to answer for them. //

I am not suggesting that he is, or that he should.

I would like his take on how the wonderful god that he preaches about on a virtually daily basis on this site, allows these things to go on, sheltered by people who are supposed to worship him - and i would like Theland to provide a better explanation that the cop-out of 'man's free will'.

Theland is the one who advocates worshiping a god who allows this to happen in his name - it's time for him to stand up and be counted.
Good grief.
I know, jno... we do it too. How other adults "not stopping" another is "more serious", is scary though.
The fault always is and always will be with the criminal.... I really dislike the excuses on AB in general, that it's because of safeguarders, religion, etc... instead of putting the blame in the right place.
there's nothing to be done about the bishop, pixie, he's long gone. But there's still a bishop in place who did nothing (if the story is correct) - in fact just told the victim to move on. That's a serious failing and needs addressing. Priests can't necessarily be crimestoppers but pastoral care is definitely part of their jobs.
//a god who allows this to happen in his name//

Get a grip, AH. It's not done in 'his name'.

Tilly, 19:23 Thu, I agree with you 100%. It’s a disgusting term.
Really naomi? What reasons do you think a perverted cleric offers to a child as a reason for what he's doing - because the child likes his glittery eyes and cold hands, or because it's what God wants?

Take an educated guess ...
Some imagination you have there, AH.
A life of restraint suppressing inner urges, and masked by respectability. Often Expresses itself by deviant behaviour. The beast will out.
Naomi - if only...
I could quote several instances of child abuse by the clergy but there's no point doing it on here as no-one believes anything on here without a link.
nailit you patently do not believe in God, so why are you asking where he was when all this happened and comment that 'he' allowed all this abuse?? He doesn't exist in your opinion and yet you are blaming him. Just a bit baffled.
Come on Marge! Get a grip. You know full well what nailit means.

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Abuse In The Church Of England

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