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pastafreak | 21:15 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | News
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Some observations on the effectiveness of face masks. Written by a scientist with many years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Not "mainstream", but another viewpoint to consider.
Much went over my head, yet I found the information about various droplets and how they behave fascinating. But don't ask me to explain it!
It's a very long article.


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. I don't take economic advice from my GP and I won't take covid advice from economists.
the mask bit is standard unconventional
thank god people dont read my posts
I have said for a very long time:

no of colonies: mask( cough cough cough = no mask (cough cough cough) - conclusiong - masks dont work

and unsurprisingly for exactly the same reason - I was fitted with a chemo and bacterial gas mask in 1970 and the soppy paper things are no match. no photo I am afraid

this is the posterior part of his essay

the anterior part is about lock down and economics and like woofie I dont think he is qualified to say

oh he ignores the effect of drying and ventilation on infectivity
which I think accounts for the observed virtual absence of transmission at open air concerts and seasides. In darzet in the summer , aaaa rgh N was about 500 000 and there were no detectable cases

"Effectiveness of facemasks" is a big topic.
There's the effectiveness of proper masks in medical situations
And at the other end of the scale there's the effectiveness of wrapping a sock over your face when you go hiking
And all points in between.
The law as it stands does not require you to wear a "proper" mask
blimey this has caught the public imagination
Yes! yes! same old ,same old.
I got bored half way through the article.
Pasta....from where do you dig out these " off main stream " opinions and articles?
I don't know if face masks make any difference or not and neither does anybody else.
Just do what has been suggested and wear the bloody things in congested areas.....that is all....just do what you are told for once.
That sums up how I feel about it Sqad.
Yes dad, sorry.
I agree with sqad. I just wear it when I'm required to.
-- answer removed --
I can't see the point of fretting over it, Spice. If that's what's required, okay. It's not a major inconvenience to me.
From what sqad told Salla, I think he would have to make do with placing a cigarette lighter underneath it to get similar results.
It's not a hill to die on (for me)
Agree with Sqad.

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Don't Be Put Off By The Title

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