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I too decided to have a quick look for bobjugs after reading about him on here and all I did was laugh - out loud! He did have a good sense of humour LCG and got some funny replies too, I'm particularly thinking about the BAPS thread and the one about his vasectomy reversal. Of course I don't know him like you do, so I hope you'll forgive me for saying he made me laugh x
//Anna, who has managed to recover half the money through her bank,//
She must have a very understanding bank manager.
^ Then she's very lucky indeed, I thought banks and BS's wouldn't do that if it was a person's own fault.
I must be very lucky. I built an online friendship with a man we had never met (we shared the same hobby) and felt I knew him very well when, after 3 or 4 years he needed £500 which he could pay back within a week. I thought very hard about it but could afford to lose £500 and he was in a really horrible situation so I sent the money by bank transfer. A few days later he sent me £650 and we are still good online friends.

I cannot understand why banks refund people who have been scammed. If they gave them the cash from under their mattress that would just be tough.
Why is a bank liable in these situations?
christ ablative of time there Jackie
better tag than I cd write ( wivvart ripping off Catullus or Horace)

I am glad people have contribued their rip off stories instead of just deleting everything

two carpet layers got "lost" and wondered where the fella who wanted the carpet was ( around the corner )
and fella had just come out of prison
and whilst one yapped to me
the other said - can I use your barfroom mate?
and was half way up the stairs ( faster than Jack the Ripper I fink)
and I said
"christ you are freaking me out - if you dont leave now I am calling the police. Go!" they did
carpet fella is back inside ( growing )
distraction - god they were so quick
I cdnt believe how fast a young fella cd run up a flight of stairs
( practice running away from the fuzz I suppose)
// Why is a bank liable in these situations?//
Bank mgr as Mr Nice guy?
I DON:T think so
There is a contract with the customer so the rights and duties are greater than those owed to a neighbour ( technical defn)
so the bank pays after a few years and many denials(*)
when a rather obvious breach of contract has occurred

so no Barry the bank mgr WON'T pay up if you slink up and say
"you were looking at me like a perv - that will cost you fifty knicker mate!"

(*) and that includes bank telephone girls whose only answer is - "oo I doan fink we do dat - byeee!" - they get trained for the whiny Essex or scouse brogue
I do not see the relevance of your comment to anything I have posted on this thread, PP.
This is obviously all the scammers fault, however, people have the right to question the mentality of the person scammed (in this situation). I don't care how special someone makes you, how much passive aggressive behaviour they use on you. You should know that as soon as they ask for money warning bells should ring out very loudly.
er refutaion of the statement
"I cannot understand why banks refund people who have been scammed."
in short they dont
longer: I enumerated the tactics they use to escape liability
blanket denial, refusal to account for actions and unhelpful staff

hey mate - I need £10 000 short term yeah? you cant oblige can you?

oh and when they do it is on contract and not tort

What ticks me off if is the example that was on tv the other day. A chap wasn't happy with the interest rates his bank was paying so looked for alternatives. A company calling themselves Credit Suiss (or similar) offered him impossibly high interest if he invested in their fixed bonds. His sheer greed overrode common sense and he transferred his money to the scammers. He lost the lot - over £20k. The bank had to refund his money.
Why? He didn't go to them for advice, he just transferred his money. Once again, if he'd given them the money from under his mattress he would not have got a penny back.
// I do not see the relevance of your comment to anything I have posted on this thread, PP.//
oh easy - that was because you didnt bother to read it before blaarting - ter daah !
Barry I think he only got that money back as a
goodwill gesture' after the TV programme 'Rip Off Britin' intervened.

It's like people who put all their pension pot into some Internet bank that offers ridiculous interest rates then complain when they lose it all.
Is there a 'block user' facility on this site? :D
// Once again, if he'd given them the money from under his mattress he would not have got a penny back.//
well if the goblin guarding the money in the mattress has let him have it without questions
( are you spending it wisely master?)
then he wd hve a claim against that one or the house goblin

I think ( but this is AB so - so what) there was a case where an old widow took out £2000 - no £5000 out cash wivva a big Navvie standing behind her. And the teller said - "that little you want more den?"( or somefing - clearly trained by Abers) - and a judge didnt like it
I marvel that there is no stabby stabby
(tarmy on Black Power) on this thread
so that the thread looks like a blanket the mice have been at
barry that is tangentially interesting. I suspect, I don't know, that banks have some kind of duty of care. A couple of years ago now, I had to withdraw a large sum in cash from the bank. I contacted the bank and expalined what i needed to do and asked if I needed to make any kind of special arrangement. Nice bank lady said no it was under the special arrangement amount level but as my local branch is small she would contact them and check that they would actually have enough cash on hand to pay out and still do all their other day to day stuff. Anyway I went in and did my business and the nice lady, who I sort of know as she has been there for years, asked me very quietly if anybody had asked me to withdraw the cash. When I said no, she asked if anyone was putting any pressure on me and again I said no. She relaxed and apologised and said she was required to ask.
APG, the show featured two people who had fallen for the same scam - the one chap got all his money back without the intervention of the programme but the second one had been refused and got refunded as a 'goodwill gesture'.

The banks are supposed to refund in cases of push payment scams if the bank has signed up to the code (why would they? I don't get it)

Yes, banks do have to ask if you try to withdraw large sums of cash, Woofgang. You try paying a large sum of cash in and it becomes an interrogation

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