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Oh I'm sure he looks in, JD. He liked to keep tabs on his exes.

You seriously think after 8 years he's keeping tabs on you?
APG .. believe it or not everyone is vulnerable in the hands of an experienced scammer. Do not think you are immune. Victims I have visited included a Head mistress, a high court judge and an ex Policeman.
alavahalf -sorry no. No one would prise any money out of me because I am too tight and have worked too hard for what I have. Apart from that I have an uncanny talent of reading most people like a book.
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//Apart from that I have an uncanny talent of reading most people like a book.//

But absolutely zero self-awareness. Ha ha!
LadyCG you are the only one on this thread making personal insults. If I were you I would reflect on that.
No one's making insults, just pointing out facts.

You certainly know how to give it, but you sure can't take it.
One of the problems with these type of cases is that one views it subjectively (heck that is human nature). "I would never fall for that" - in reality, I wouldnt pay someone like that £3.20 never mind £320,000. But we are viewing it through our spectacles in the position we are in. There is much to be said for not judging someone unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.

I think we are ALL a little susceptible to lies and half truths - particularly if they touch on what we want to believe. After that, it is just a question of degree.
Funny you should mention a book !
The art of distraction is alive and well and you really need to be on your guard, I dont care who you are.
The high court judge was pottering in the front garden when a lady with a lovely little girl appeared. She said she was collecting hardback books for a local hospice. (This was only after glancing into the hallway and seeing a bookcase). After chatting about books the lady asked if she could be so rude as to use the Judges loo. Of course she couln't refuse.
The little girl stood her ground in the garden and talked to the judge asking her what plants were in the garden .. this was the only thing that gave any suspicion .. Why would a 6 year old be inquisitive about plants ?
Anyhow the lady returned from the loo, a hardback book was handed over for a good cause and that was that !
She waved goodbye and thought what a lovely little girl!
End result .. purse, cash, bankcards and jewelry cleared out !
.. 'I never thought it would happen to me' .. at almost every crime I heard those words !
The lady involved in scam in the original post had that kind of money to lose, most victims dont, but that doesn't stop them being scammed. I have visited many people who have just lost ther lives savings, it doesn't matter whether it is £300K or £3K, it is still devastating.
Much of it goes unreported as people dont want to be seen as gullible.
alavahalf's experiences serve to demonstrate the truth of the Latin saying: Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit. Nobody is at all times wise.
One of the other points about fraudsters is that they know how to seem nice. You don't feel like you're falling victim. Which, you know, makes sense: it wouldn't really be fraud if it were so transparent to the victim what was going on. They're fooled, because *this* time it's real: true love, true friendship, true trustworthiness, whatever it is. And it always feels like *your* fault for not trusting them, or for doubting them, for impugning their honour.

I find it hard personally to sympathise with the idea of ever giving away what, to me, feels like an unimaginable sum, but there we are: scale, I suppose, is relative. I've been stupid over smaller amounts, and lived to regret it.

Did this bobjugs have a relationship with someone else , or are you the same person ?
LadyCJ was formerly known on here as NoMercy.
Right - that's the person I was referring to
// Do you ever get bored of trolling, APG?//
ladies--- please - - stop squabbling
and for the record I dont think it is trolling - quasi troll or minitroll perhaps not even that - teasing

Poor subject of the thread - I just feel sorry for her - wake up and think - "well I am still short of £300k that I worked my life for ...."

I / we were set up - a do gooder said can you give this fella odd jobs which we did. And he started stealing almost immediately. He found spare keys probably in the glove box of the car. and one evg I heard the door click. He had let himself in. Oh hello mate I didnt realise you were here
"well I am"... completely freaky. [I understand it is more cuckooing]
there is alot of - "if I were 30 y yougner no one wd do this to me"

The do gooder was nailed to the wall and told that this do-gooding must cease - forthwith !
I'm sorry, but handing over that amount of money to someone you've never even met is not just gullible, it's sheer stupidity.
That's how she feels Tomus and there'll be many queuing up to tell her that too.

I don't feel the need to.

If her story helps just one other person then opening up has done some good.
It's always easier to see how stupid you're being when you aren't emotionally invested in it all. Have some empathy.
I do feel sorry for the woman. She was vulnerable, and as a result behaved very stupidly.

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