What Has Happened To Anotheoldgit?

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Kathyan | 15:21 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | News
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Probably put this in the wrong category but as question title. I don't come on here that much and may have missed something about him, I haven't seen any posts from him for quite a while.


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Not 'his style'? how on earth do you know that? If he had been getting flack, then maybe he just wanted a fresh start? I obviously don't know the guy but frankly neither does anyone else -for all you lot know he could have been a 30 something pretending to be an OAP.
I see.
//for all you lot know he could have been a 30 something pretending to be an OAP.//

There were several on this site who often took a pop at him and questioned his age and service credentials. Some insisted he wasn't old enough to have served in the RAF during the War. He never disclosed wether he was National Service or a regular airman and kept his personal information to himself. Something I always respected.
yep, Ironically, the nasty left like nothing more than to pick on those that created the place of safety from which they can despise their own nation.

pasta you don't know why AOG is not posting. He may still be in the land of the living but just sick of AB -it's possible you know! :-)

And anyone can come back if they want to :-)

True on both counts. What I disagreed with was the comparison of a poster who we all believed to be an elderly gentleman, who had the experiences, memories, and opinions of an 80+ year old, with some other "old timers" who were downright nasty, evil, and disagreeable.
I guess you'd have to have been here "back in the day".
Pasta -understood. Obviously an user who was well respected despite his views ;-)
Perhaps some who infer I am lying I would ask you to read down several paragraphs of aog's own reply in his own words

//Avatar Image anotheoldgit
First may I say the reason I choose most of my posts is because most of them highlight what is really happening in this country, due to total apathy of the politicians and a large proportion of the population.

One of the reasons why some of the electorate are fed up to their back teeth, is the fact that our politicians tend to pander to the minorities rather than to the majorities.

Consequently the electorate are beginning to look for alternatives. Hence there are now many who only a few years ago were staunch Labour or Conservative, but are now admitting they will vote for the BNP at the next elections.

Re. a spirit of respect for each others' views,

Where have you been reading andy? the language between posters on here would make a stevedore blush.

//But since some on this site are so verminous towards me, I tend to retaliate and have a go at them. But I have never swore at, or wished anyone dead, like I have had done to me.//

Only just recently some posted insults so vile that one of my most ardent opponents (Gromit) was so disgusted that he had the post removed. In fact because Gromit could not seem to answer any of my posts without the obligatory snipe at me, I regret to say my old pal Gromit and I have now parted company.

But please feel free to check and note that it is only after they have been personal, abusive and insulting to me, that I retaliate in a much milder way.

to be continued,//

There are many people who no longer post for
whatever reason

Just to mention a couple others who were
prominent in the news section -

Mickey - we know the reason

There was also jake-the-peg - remember him ?
Also Answerprancer and his long-running battles with AOG, whom he referred to as 'His Gitship'.
Thank you for understanding, APG.
That's it exactly.
Also left after a massive dust up with another ABer who still posts.
lol....wrong thread.....again.
i was wondering where aog went...i he's still with us good luck mate, if not r.i.p.
I liked AOG, have to admit our paths rarely if ever crossed, I was simply too afraid to mess with the fuddy duddy ;-)

I do wish him/her well wherever- He/She maybe.
i remember aog and mikey would knock heads..
Posters of a certain (ahem!) vintage will recall that AOG and I would but heads for days on end, each of us equally opinionated, forthright, verbose, and willing to fight our corner.

Over the years we fell out seriously a few times, each refusing to debate with the other, but we always made up, made our peace, and carried on in a spirit of mutual respect.

I join in with those posters who miss the gentleman, and wish him well, I would certainly welcome back his ability and willingness to discuss the issues of the day, and his return would be warmly welcomed were it to happen.
I often disagreed with him, about almost anything... but would welcome him back. It does seem he is unable to post, for some reason... I wish him well or RIP, whichever is appropriate.
I would also welcome him back very much. I do hope that he is still with us; but if not, I offer a sincere R.I.P..
Some abers will disappear for various reasons. Unless we have befriended other abers with our personal information, we will never know .
And sometimes, that isn't a bad thing... only that we like to know.... but I have seen real names, details and relatives looking through, of ABers who have died. And it seems unfair to deny them their privacy, just because they can't say otherwise.

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