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leopards cannot change their spots.
Hmmm... I don't like the man one bit but in fairness people do tend to jump to conclusions very easily - especially if there's a ready-rolling bandwagon to be jumped upon - so it's debateable. He spoke about ordinary people, thereby drawing a comparison between them and Mandelson, who being a multi-millionaire does have wealth to count.
I assumed he meant the statement as in relationship to his wealth.
Which half of Mr Mandelson is Jewish?
Top or bottom, left or right, front or back?

Sounds like being a bit pregnant.

I think we should be told.
Question Author
I think what was a reference to a jew was his use of the word gold.A reference to Shylock counting his gold(Shakespeare)
His grandfather was Jewish. Would anyone know that ?
McCluskey? Mandelson? Pass me two sick bags, Alice.
I must admit my first thought when seeing this earlier was that it was a none story really. I too assumed that he meant Mandy in his counting house with all his millions. i.e. calling out a Champaign socialist.

Dont like either of them though, I dont think either has done the Labour Party many favours, labour supporters may disagree of course.
what i cannot comprehend is why Bottler, who always hated Mandy anyway, elevated him to the Lords in the first place. The Guy belongs under a rock.
What a lot of cobblers.

So when tora2 accuses me of being too wealthy to be a Marxist, is he too alluding to my distant Jewish ancestry?

Cobblers’ awls.

The usual old smear campaign!

(As it happens, I think Mandelson is a g1t, but that’s another thread!)
allen: "So when tora2 accuses me of being too wealthy to be a Marxist, is he too alluding to my distant Jewish ancestry? " - err no and You are not a marxist, you are a Thatcherite.
Is this the same Mandelson who committed mortgage fraud and granted super speedily the Hindujas with passports.

Crikey, I thought we’d heard the last of him.

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