Drunk In Charge Of Nuclear Missiles

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aelmpvw | 12:32 Mon 19th Oct 2020 | News
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what shall we do with the drunken captain?
Oh dear. He's made a bad error of judgement. However it could have been worse. Hope he is seriously punished.
Aye, it's a rum do alright...
I have Sloop John B going round in my head now!
...I wanna go home!
Try again

Yeah but american grilled chicken.....
There are different levels of drunkenness.
UK police often do breath tests at 7:30am and catch people over the limit from the night before.
This incident sounds similar. And I doubt a single person could do anything harmful, systems would dictate a 2 person activation to save against a terrorist of madman attack.
Obviously not good but no one was ever in any danger.
Not a very sensible thing to do though, maybe he never fully recovered from the tragic death of his wife.
He's lucky, where DH used to work, there was (probably still is) entry testing and random testing and failing the test meant instant dismissal and by that I mean escorted out the gate by their manager at point of failure. They were very generous about special circumstances leave, counselling, support and so on but there was no tolerance of alcohol or drug test failure.
this para is very odd:
"It is understood he had been drinking the night before and was carrying a bag of leftover grilled chicken from a barbecue for his lunch."
They make it sound like carrying left over barbeque food makes you unfit for work
Perhaps he thought it was chicken but he'd BBQ'd his hosts budgie in error.
bednobs maybe the implication was that he had come to work straight from the night out?
'' Hello Hello Hello! What 'ave we ' ere then?
Would you mind opening the hatch please Sir?
Thank you Sir!
Now then, what 'ave we 'ere?
Are these your nuclear missiles Sir?''

''Oh sorry ossifer! I found them, and, erm, I was juss gonna see if, erm, the kids would like them.''
"A trifle worrying" Why, do you think one person has the keys?

I doubt he will be doing it again either!
I'd like to see inside his garden shed - glowing green!

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Drunk In Charge Of Nuclear Missiles

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