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The more disastrous precedent would be to inform all the other world nations that the UK is so weak it can be manipulated by them. Thus we pass whatever it needs to show that, one picks on the wrong target if one picks on the UK. Devolved legislatures should note that their authority concerns their areas only, and not overall UK matters. Folks from their areas of...
07:25 Mon 19th Oct 2020
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I don't think the great unwashed are fairly represented in the Synod either. Essentially a club.
Jourdain, I wondered how you were getting on. Have you given up your involvement with the PCC?

Sorry for the diversion, Theland.
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I'm very interested :-)
What can these unworldly geriatrics teach us?
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As an exercise in, (attempted), learning, which usually turns out to be an exercise in self flagellation, I sometimes try to sit through a lecture by Rowan Williams, or N.T. Wright, former bishop, but the language is so vague, that I have to really strain both of my brain cells in a futile understanding of what they are saying.
I have learned that bishops talk to bishops and academics talk to academics, and outside, with my nose pressed up against the proverbial window pane, my understanding of what they are saying remains at about zero.
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Hey Venator, I'm a Jerry Hat Trick so careful please.
For Naomi. I am very unhappy, but yes, in the end. Other things happened and I simply couldn't bring myself to put my name behind it. I am still trying to help and when the bar on choirs was lifted mid-Sept. I asked if we could now resume practising. ( They have barricaded the north aisle and organ, all kneelers have gone etc. etc.. and people complained to me about how the church feels destroyed and unfriendly. ) The reply was that it was felt that until everyone else could sing, they didn't think that the choir should sing either. Does anyone know how much work & time it takes? That, coupled with the current Archebiscopal frolics have more or less shattered my faith in the C of E. We have a vicar who is a stickler for the letter of the rules and I had a very 'short' letter in response to my letter announcing my sad resignation. I shall continue to work in our community as well as I can - and our singers (I'm one) are sounding-out a more amenable church nearby. Sad, though. I've been devastated.
Jourdain, //Does anyone know how much work & time it takes?//

I do.

I'm so sorry to hear all of that. That sad decision must have come as a great blow to you. Thank you for getting back to me. Well done on the valuable work you're doing. x
J. "There comes a point in every man’s life when he sees that the magician’s hat is empty, that the government and the church are run by fools, and that virtue is far rarer than he’d been led to believe."

David J. Morris, (ex British army) The Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
The BA is BS. Adherence to international law is not weakness, and it's frankly shameful that adherence to the Rule of Law at all has become so controversial in recent years.
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Jourdain2 - so sorry.
Thanks, Naomi, Theland and Khandro. :)
That’s an Ecumenical Matter.
:) :) :)
As a loyal servant of the C of E for over 60 years, as chorister, altar server and church organist, I have sadly come to the conclusion that the C of E is now apostate and no longer part of the universal apostolic church. With some misgivings I am crossing the Tiber and am off to Rome (when they open their doors again).
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Jackdaw 33 - That is sad and I urge you to reconsider.
You don't need an organised, '' religion,'' to have a meaningful relationship with God.
jack : very interesting !
Yes, Jackdaw, an interesting decision. I am in an hiatus and currently am doing what I can in the community whilst keeping contacts with the church. E.g. Remembrance Sunday. Someone (non-church) has suggested covering the village with poppies and I'm all in favour - but I'm trying to work out how to turn this to financial benefit for the Poppy Appeal At the moment favourite is to ask for donations box in church to be specified for Poppy money for a week. Sorry, I digress.

Do you really think the Romans are more grounded? I am toying with joining the Meths. (Dad CofE, Mum Meths so dual raised) but t.b.h. I am finding that freedom to roam where I will and do what I can in the name of the almighty is satisfying. Worship through singing is very important to me, so the Meths. may be the answer.
comes of having a ruddy ex oil man from a second rate company in as Archbish.
Although I will be slated for saying this, I just cannot accept women as priests and bishops. Rome now seems the only option.

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