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The more disastrous precedent would be to inform all the other world nations that the UK is so weak it can be manipulated by them. Thus we pass whatever it needs to show that, one picks on the wrong target if one picks on the UK. Devolved legislatures should note that their authority concerns their areas only, and not overall UK matters. Folks from their areas of...
07:25 Mon 19th Oct 2020
They are church leaders. Like business leaders or headers in any other future they have influence.
That is as it should be. The government has an 80 seat majority. So I hardly think a couple of bishops are going to cause a revolution.
//But even if they were not, they have a perfect right to speak out.//

And everybody else has the right to ignore them.

A separate argument, but it is time the "Lords Spiritual" were ejected from this country's legislature. They represent a religion which is properly followed by only a very small minority of the population (I'm not counting people who put "C of E" when filling in a form in hospital before having surgery). There is probably more justification for having Rabbis and Imams in the second chamber (not that I'm advocating that either).
I agree with everything they have said.

Should they intervene/ have a voice. Why not.

Farage often does and he has less power and authority than my housekeeper.
Governments are influenced by all sorts of people.
Scientists, consultants, etc.
Some are even paid to advise them. Even if not all at £6000 a day. They are not elected.
When a government tries to over centralise and rule by diktat, however well meaningly, any “advice” it gets, even from elected representatives, like councillors and regional mayors, is not necessarily a bad thing.
// the speaking out is one thing, opinions are like bums....its the having special powers to which I object./

opinions are like bums... er you wipe them and they smile?
different day - different bum?
they blaaart in your face and dont achieve anything ?
The C of E used to be known as the Tory party at prayer. Now it has become the Lib non-Dems at prayer.
bums - you put em away and they still stick out like badly applied pillow slips?
PP all of the above but I was thinking of the basic "everybody's got one"
“but it is time the "Lords Spiritual" were ejected from this country's legislature.”

Better to have Ian Botham right? I’d much rather the reach and influence of learned people than the asinine musings of a cricket bloke who tweeted a willy pic.
[email protected]

The Government does Not have an 80 majority in the House of Lords.

NJ: //They represent a religion which is properly followed by only a very small minority of the population....//

Your argument seems to be that because fewer people attend church services then sack the bishops, my view is, because fewer people attend church services we need better bishops.
Khandro......Religion and Politics don't mix. It's my opinion that we could all do without Religion.

Apart from what New Judge has said, I think the following link is worth reading. :-

"The Government does Not have an 80 majority in the House of Lords."

I didn't say they did (!)
Hans. That's put out by the electoral reform society, they would say that wouldn't they?

The official religion of Britain is C of E. that's where we are; the Queen is happy with them there, as has have all the monarchs since 1534, so that's good enough for me.

There are some very unworthy, obnoxious people in the H of L who I would cull long before a few bishops.
//Better to have Ian Botham right?//

Wrong. After disposing of the Lords Spiritual a start should be made on the Lords Temporal. In fact a start on them could be made now by appointing no more. Then bar the 92 hereditary Peerages currently entitled to do so from sitting in the House of Lords and then it will disappear by "natural wastage."
Khandro.....You now seem happy to retain Bishops in the House of Lords, yet at 8.28am this morning you appeared to despise them and said.... "Charlatans, every man-jack of them."

I agree NJ. I also would like to see the House of Lords fully removed from the UK's Political structure.

Hans; Yes, but I followed that by saying we need better bishops; the way they have behaved throughout the corona crisis is a scandal - the archbishop of Canterbury sitting in his kitchen looking scared with church doors locked across the land.
Where's the leadership, the spark, where's the bazazz?
Question Author
One interesting fact I came across, (sorry, I don't have a link), is that although the country voted for Brexit in the referendum, only one bishop voiced his agreement, all of the others voicing Remain.
They don't reflect public opinion.
I find it all very distressing. Yes, they have a right to voice an opinion - but I think they are finishing-off the CofE in many places. Members' concerns are worshipping (so providing opportunities for anyone who wishes to do so), serving their local communities and keeping church buildings going - many of these are valuable and beautiful monuments to our island history.
As I speak to people in the village, they want the church building to remain (and be open - that went down very badly indeed) and they are happy with the local church members efforts - but don't think much of the heirarchy.
Neither do I and I have long moved away from supporting them - I'll stick to local issues and service and no more cash from me will go to the high-ups...I'm directing it at the organ and building.

I think the 'business - side' of the C of E wants to close small churches. :(
There are 26 Bishops (or Lords Spiritual in the Lords, and as such they vote on ALL legislation that go to the House of Lords.
So why shouldn’t they vote on this one?*

* No Bishops, Rabbis, Imans should be in the Lords in the first place. By attaining an office in their respective religions should not be a backdoor into parliament.

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