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grumpy01 | 18:44 Sun 18th Oct 2020 | News
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Have just read that Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey has quit the Police force saying that he can no longer do the job.A sad postscript to the events in Salisbury of March 2018.


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Yes, he posted on Linkedin:

After 18 years in the Police Force I’ve had to admit defeat and accept that I can no longer do the job. I had wanted to be a Police Officer since I was a teenager, I couldn’t envisage doing anything else, which is why this makes me so sad. Like most Police Officers, I’ve experienced my fair share of trauma, violence, upset, injury and grief. We deal with it, take it on the chin and keep going because that’s our job.
But we’re still human and the impact this has shouldn’t be underestimated. The events in Salisbury in March 2018 took so much from me and although I’ve tried so hard to make it work, I know that I won’t find peace whilst remaining in that environment. Policing will remain in my heart and I feel honoured and privileged to have been part of Wiltshire Police.

I am so grateful for the opportunities that they’ve given me, and the support that I’ve received. We’ve all seen that the ‘Policing family’ very much exists and in the current climate it’s more important now than ever. To all those in the Police, I salute you. Keep fighting the good fight, I’m just sorry that I’ve made the thin blue line that little bit thinner. Be proud of what you do and know that you make a positive difference to so many people. But for me, it’s time for a change. 1772: off duty
Its very sad when a job you love makes it impossible for you to do it. I have known many teachers leave for similar reasons. I wish Mr Bailey well in his future life.
He had a bad experience. Sad. When I tell y'all about a murdered police officer I get loads of verbal sewage.
erm obvious post traumatic stress innit ?

Retro n spicey know - your time is up at 20 anyway innit?

The prog on Salisbury was accurate physically but there are plenty details we didnt get.Everyone thought that they were two old drunks ( Skripals ) and yet a helicopter lands a few minutes later. Two people who WERE old drunks and find the perfume bottle were allowed to languish in Bottomville Hospital for three days as hopeless drunk and then the porter says ......

Sorry to see him go.
Good luck in his future career, if he has one.
If he is unable to no longer do his job, then it is in everyones interest that he stops.
Well done for recognising that not burdening the taxpayer any further.
hi Clarion
When I tell y'all about a murdered police officer I get loads of verbal sewage.

that is AB for you - no one says they are rational at any time

The differences are pretty real - one is murdered abroad and the other gets sucked into a real James Bond action movie in swedeyshire. And the real James Bond bit is - - you shoot the witnesses. like him. I imagine that the thought preyed on him was - "the great and good sat in offices and sent me into a known exKGB hideyhole and didnt say didly squat until I got poisoned. They get medals"
// Well done for recognising that not burdening the taxpayer any further.//

er where does it say that?

obvious injury on the job. and gets his pension early, so let us not talk about saving money, his injuries are too serious
For those not in the know, 10CS is mumping about the lack of publicity following the murder of a tourist abroad who happened to be a British policeman and yet won't name him.
Question Author
The contributions by certain people on this subject has convinced me that any future input is pointless therefore I shall desist in future.
Poor man, I feel deeply sorry for him. I bet a lot of policemen and women feel like that. You only have to watch the TV programmes about the police to see what a difficult time they have these days. Don't worry about the comments grumpy x
That's so sad, I wish him lots of luck for his future, the police are now damned if they do and damned if they don't
Question Author
." and if you have no knowlege ( then dont discuss it) Perhaps you should follow your own advice P.P.
a long article in the Times today
again seems obvious severe post traumatic stress

but there is me as an old Porton Down worker just shooting my mouth off.
Well they always told us the challenge and excitement of the job was that you never know whats around the corner to meet you from one day to the next. But bloody Novichock in rural Wilts!!. Take a good well earned retirement young man.No one needs Chemical warfare on your beat. Good luck. I'm sure the family will keep in touch.
Hopefully he has gone out with an Injury on duty pension as well as his contributory pension but I doubt it will improve his state of mind after dosing up on that muck. :-(
Very sad that he feels he has no choice what a brave man.
Clarion despite your raving you have never supplied 1 piece of evidence to back up your story.
// any future input is pointless therefore I shall desist in future.//
and then of course the writer inputs a little later

I dont even have to look at the header to know it must be AB

Logic doesnt come into it. Putin must have had a hell of a shock to find out there was CCTV all the way up Wilton Rd.

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