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Good for him. They wont be attacking anyone soon will they.

As for the 'white' question, or any other colour, surely this now sets the precedent?
I thought this was going to be a question about zombies.

Self-defence is an ancient defence. Many white people have invoked it successfully, and quite right too. Who are you having a go at the victim?
He was not charged with murder or manslaughter, is that what is bothering you?

It's horrendous that three lie dead but they were attempting to take his life surely.
i don't understand what point you're trying to make? It would appear that none of them were white so the decision has nothing to do with colour.

Mr Singh also suffered injuries.
It just shows what can be done if you really want to overcome the odds.

Now, is he going to be deported to India?
//Gurjeet Singh, 30, was cornered by a group armed with knives and a hammer //

My first thoughts were...well done him.
But then I got to ever *** in London armed with knives?

A very extraordinary and incredulous event.
fender - // now...question? had he been white, would he be free...honest? //

On the basis of the law as applied in this situation, the answer is clearly yes.

if you are trying to infer that Mr Singh got a swerve on the basis of his ethnicity, then you are simply looking for a pointless racial bias that exists only in your own fevered imagination.
douglas - // Now, is he going to be deported to India? //

That depends on his citizenship - not a factor in the decision making in this case it appears.
it is obvious that we havent had the whole story
I would think that if he took a knife off one of his attackers then he is really home and dry
( obvious self defence)
PP - // it is obvious that we havent had the whole story //

A short succinct understandable post, not followed immediately by another one.

Are you alright???????????????
Ooops - cross-posted, so missed the second post - drat!!
Was the knife part of his religious paraphernalia?
That may have been his defence.
"Mr Singh, who lived in Dagenham at the time of the attack, is an Indian national and an overstayer, who was served with a notice to leave in May 2015."
//Mr Singh himself produced a knife during the vicious clash//

//Jury cleared Mr Singh of being in possession of offensive weapon in public place//

Indian knives matter.
Wiki says:
England and Wales​[edit]

As a bladed article, possession of a kirpan without valid reason in a public place would be illegal under section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.[22] However, there is a specific defence for a person to prove that he carries it for "religious reasons".[22]
I can no longer access the DM so don't know the story. Any other link?

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