Sod The Kids, Boris's Chums Matter

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Canary42 | 22:07 Thu 15th Oct 2020 | News
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The corporate spivs running the privatised Test and Trace system are charging up to £7,360 per consultant, per day (which works out at over £1.5 million per year).

Meanwhile the junior government minister Helen Whatley admitted that there are absolutely no penalty clauses in the Test and Trace contracts, so it doesn't matter how badly the likes of Serco, Sitel, G4S, etc screw things up, they still get paid in full!

If you were wondering how on earth Test and Trace has racked up £12 billion costs already, it's because the Tories have turned it into a corporate feeding frenzy.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson is outright refusing to extend the food voucher scheme over half-term and Christmas, because he has no qualms whatever about the idea of British kids going starving hungry, as the result of a viral pandemic that they are absolutely blameless for.
Extending the food voucher scheme for a few weeks would cost a tiny fraction of 1% of the cash the Tories are busy showering on their corporate mates in return for a Test and Trace system that doesn't even work properly.

But making sure British kids don't go starving hungry is a much lower priority than making sure a bunch of incompetent corporates keep on filling their pockets at the public expense, no matter how badly they screw up.


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/Kids going starving hungry at Xmas.\

Come off it!
Petition here should anyone wish to sign.
With the generous system of benefits we have in place, 'child poverty' is not the result of government inaction, it is the result of wilful parental neglect.
Thats the Con Party . All for me and my Cronies, sod everyone else.
Is it just me who has the image of Norbert Colon ready to carve Tiny Tim at the Cratchit's dinner table?

How were the kids get fed during the school holidays in pre-COVID days?
How did*
I was with you right up to ‘ corporate spivs’ and then you lost me I’m afraid. Still, 2 more words than I usually read of your nonsensical, ignorant posts

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Sod The Kids, Boris's Chums Matter

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