A Lot Has Happened In 9 Months!

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wiltsman | 11:43 Wed 14th Oct 2020 | News
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How long did you think it would be before the intrusion of Coronavirus would disappear?


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//How long did you think it would be before the intrusion of Coronavirus would disappear? //

The way Barnum and Bailey are currently behaving when Hell freezes over or a miraculous vaccine is suddenly devised. Whichever is the sooner. :-)
I'll be honest,at the start I never even tried to guess how long it would go on just hoped we'd make it through.

“9 month anniversary”. Grr, that drives me nuts, and from a respected newspaper.

Anyway, I didn’t expect what is happening now nine months on. Will it ever end?
thought it would be over after a couple of months, shows what i know
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“9 month anniversary”. Grr, that drives me nuts, and from a respected newspaper.

Hi Cloverjo, thanks for replying to my post. Why did the the above newspaper report drive you nuts? To me it was a straight forward statement of fact, but I'll respect your view.
Anniversary is after a year has passed
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Yes - I'll give you that Bazile ....... but don't shoot the messenger!
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Found this online :

The monthly equivalent of the word “anniversary” is “mensiversary,” a word you can find in at least one standard dictionary.
I remember when I heard Chris Whitty in April declare we would be lucky to get under 20,000 deaths and most people thought he was exaggerating. I thought give it three months of strict lockdown and it should start to fizzle. However, one of the most foolish things the Government has done is pay people to go out and socialise in restaurants weeks after a full lockdown. Not only did it put people at more risk, it gave the impression that things were getting better, and encouraged those that may have stayed at home to socialise, or even just venture out for the first time.
I wasn’t annoyed with you, wiltsman. Just the paper for publishing that phrase.
As soon as they announced schools were closing I said that they would be shut until September. Since the kids have been back at school I have said the half term will be longer than one week (backed up by them being asked how good their internet access and how much computer access they have at home).
18 months to 2 years.
As soon as Boris made his big statement, I automatically wrote the year off and prepared myself mentally for that.
I’m glad I did, that mindset has certainly helped.
I had a holiday booked for May which was cancelled. I re-booked for October, thinking everything would be fine by then. Needless to say that was also cancelled.
Depends on what you mean by that. If you mean how long would it still exist then whilst I accepted the possibility of it dying out I thought it was much more likely to be around permanently. If you mean, how long before our government came to it's senses and life started to return to normal, virus or no virus, well months ago. But we now know that government and senses don't always go together at all times. Give a PM a serious illness and he gets cold feet about tackling it properly and letting it run it's course.

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A Lot Has Happened In 9 Months!

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