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Bazile | 11:16 Thu 08th Oct 2020 | News
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So , will you be rushing out to be in the front of the queue , for your group to get this inside you ?

Or will you let other people try it out first ?


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how can I judge on that information? I certainly won't be hanging back to see if other people die of the vac before I get mine though. That would be inhuman.
It says to 'those who need them ' and as I don't , I won't be joining any queue Baz
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Why don't you think you need it Bobbi ?
Because thankfully I'm not classed as being either vulnerable ,having diabetes or any other complaint, it's similar to the 'flu vaccine Baz, our surgery as most will vaccinate those in the above category first
I will refuse it, like I have done for many flu jabs.
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So are you saying you won't have it when the opportunity presents itself ,Bobbi ?
That's it Baz, got it in one
so will you not even accept it when your tranche of the population is offered it Bobbi?
I would have it eventually, maybe, because of work. But I would wait until it seems to be safe, and until there is enough for "non-vulnerable" people as well.
its a difficult one, the waiting till it seems to be safe....essentially if you don't think its safe enough for you (one) on launch then the implication is that you (one) are happy for it to be tested on the vulnerable sector of society?
//THE NHS is gearing up for a major roll out of a Covid jab from next month – with five mass vaccination centres ready before Christmas.//

I thought it was October 8th today. Obviously it's April 1st.

My local doctors' surgery was running a 'flu vaccine session last Friday. My neighbour went to what was described as a "walk in clinic". She was given an hour's slot in which to attend. She's 83. It was raining heavily and none too warm. She queued in the car park (they had one of those "up and down" queuing arrangements marked off with ropes) for forty minutes and entry was through the fire escape door at the back. The actual surgery (with a large, airy and warm waiting room) was screened off. All the doors and windows were open. She had her shot administered in what seemed like a storage cupboard. She was then swiftly seen off the premises immediately, before she could even put her raincoat back on, through a second emergency exit the other side of the building. She was one of the lucky ones. Her "walk in" appointment was for between 10am to 11am. Her friend had the noon to 1pm slot and received a phone call at 10.30 telling her not to bother as they had run out of shots.

So, a mass vaccination programme for Covid. Here's another couple of snippets:

"There is hope that by the end of this year we may have a vaccine. There is hope."

"Leaked provisional plans asked NHS teams to be ready from late October for mass vaccination. But with no treatment yet ready, the timings have been pushed back."

If you don't mind, I'll not hold my breath. But, there's some good news:

"Officials also aim to change the rules to allow a much wider group of health workers to give Covid jabs – including dietitians, chiropodists and vets."

I've always said that vittenries make far better doctors than doctors and they are certainly far more skilled in the administration of their businesses. Maybe when I take Rover for his distemper and hardpad injection the vet can sit me up on the table and and shove a Covid jab into my backside. There's far more chance of that than my getting one from a chiropodist who has done a quick conversion course.
^^ I think you've nailed it then.
Yes I will accept it when everyone who's vulnerable has had theirs, they are the important ones, not me,I guess what I'm trying to say is I'll wait my turn
Sorry Baz, I misinterpreted your last post to me, to make it clear,YES I will have it when they say it's available to people like me
Come to think of it, that sounds like another fag packet idea, considering most chiropodists spend most of their working hours in care homes, so another super spreader on the way.
No, I wont be having it until I feel it is safe.

//essentially if you don't think its safe enough for you (one) on launch then the implication is that you (one) are happy for it to be tested on the vulnerable sector of society?//

No it doesnt, everyone has the choice to have it or not.
Hi Buh-zeel - peace man !
yeah I will have it - the vaccine production and approval process is quite robust ( no deaths for years and years)
but DOI - I worked at Porton Down and saw them in production

did you see Kamala's missed jibe about Trump and the vaccine - Fauci he thay yeah - I will have the vaccine
Trump I wouildnt

meant to show what an ickle liar Trump is - and it came out all wrong

Not sure however what wd happen if Trump issued an exec order saying X was safe - and then went onto the balcomy breathless as hell trolling - "roll up roll up!"
? court case saying he cdnt?
I'm not, woof... but I won't get a choice about when it is released and who it is offered to. If asked by clients, I can only give an opinion, but it would obviously be their choice.
// No, I wont be having it until I feel it is safe.//

subjective feelings may not relative to the measured safety of a product

but subjective safety and something means "what I want it to mean" is the order of the day
What in the hell are you on about now.

You know exactly what I mean, I will take a calm and measured look at the way it goes and if it is good then I will go for it. Otherwise not.

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