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Bazile | 11:16 Thu 08th Oct 2020 | News
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So , will you be rushing out to be in the front of the queue , for your group to get this inside you ?

Or will you let other people try it out first ?


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I won’t be elbowing people out of my way to get a Covid jab. I won’t hang back and see how good or safe it is first either. I’ll happy take it when there’s enough for everyone.
o god are you all still at it?

My neighbour went to what was described as a "walk in clinic". She was given an hour's slot in which to attend.

shows you have a crap GP clinic and NOT that mass vaccination is impossible - but hey ho -this is AB in full swing
Why do you use this site, Peter, you seem to hate it.
Like Bobbisox, I will not be in the first, second or third wave of recipients of the vaccine, but when my turn comes I will probably accept it.

It will be at least spring 2021 by then. Who knows what the situation will be at that stage, but as it stands today, I would prefer to take my chance on the vaccine rather than catch the Coronavirus.
Been covered in other threads but: I don't bother with an annual flu vaccination, I see no reason to bother with a cov one. Especially a rushed out one when some are even querying whether humans have an immune period after cov, and if they do, for how long it's triggered.
Once the anxious herds have trampled each other, and the sheeple have drifted in, out, and in again. I might have a sniff around and test the water. Or, then again I may not.
// Why do you use this site, Peter, //
jim woof itch barmaid
and my unquenchable unbreakable immovable faith in human nature

and my amusement at answering - "I am not speaking you you Peter" I am sorry you are speaking to me
or " I cannot comment" - sorry that is a comment
I am usually silent - but not just now-- - which reassures me that AB posters are not machines

Vaccines are safe but 40 ABers will earnestly contend that that has not be shown ...
As long as those who refuse point blank to have the vaccine dont expect the rest of us to change our behaviour when around these people.
How would you know who they were?
I suspect the covid vaccine will be like the shingles vaccination that I had recently. The clinic phoned offering the jab saying, "this is a one off offer, if you refuse, it won't be offered again".
I think the thing with the shingles vaccine is that you can age out of being eligible. Also its not infectious in the same way as covid. as well as a personal benefit, there will be a social benefit to being vaccinated against covid.
NJ "How would you know who they were?" Did you not know NJ ?refuseniks are going to be rounded up and tattooed :)
Maybe they will tattoo the recipients with something like "666".
Or so I've heard. (-;
I am stunned, I made it into PP’s “why I stay here” list :)
-- answer removed --
I’m on the list!
Thanks Peter :-)

Cheque is in the post.
I think it’s a little perverse for people who have constantly moaned about the virus and the handling of it to refuse at this early stage to accept a defence against it if it was offered.
Maybe I’m being unfair ..
ick, its not uncommon for folk not to want ANY solution but only THEIR solution. I used to find it at work.

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