Covid Uni Panic...why?!

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eve1974 | 19:57 Sun 27th Sep 2020 | News
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NHS Lothian confirmed that 120 students have tested positive at Edinburgh Napier University - (the student population is approx 20,000)

another five or more at Queen Margaret University and the University of Edinburgh combined. (Combined student population approx 26,000

At the University of Liverpool, the tally of COVID-19 cases has risen from 87 to 108 (student population approx 35,000)

Also covid doesn’t appear to affect the younger folk as badly (obviously that’s a generalisation I know).

Am a too simplistic (or plain simple lol!) to think this is not headline worthy?


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These are the one's they've tested and have been found to be positive. A dont think theyve tested all 20000 at napier or all 35000 at Liverpool. There may be thousands more now infected or at least if there allow'd to come into contact with others in there uni or in the town when they shop or go to bars or on busses
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Although surely then the same can be said of the general population (all areas,age groups) there must be lots of positive cases who simply think they have a common cold / normal flu or even no symptoms at all ....

Why? Because that's what this Covid Cobblers is all about, ie, everybody panicking. They've got to. The press is fueling it. All of it, I mean all of it, is totally unnecessary.
If they all live on a campus and only comes into contact with other student's and not teacher's and cleaner's and shop staff or bus driver's then a would say let it rip as someone here said. Just like the old german measles party's for kids. But many still live at home or live in digs in town and get busses and go in bars and party and shop in Tescos, so it need's to be controled - thats the theory AFAIK
People working in supemarkets like Tescos have been doing so for the most part of this pandemic without facemasks. If anyone was vulnerable, it was the supermarket shop floor staff. However, at the large Tesco near here, sickness absence has been lower than pre-covid levels. Still, we've got to have people panicking haven't we?
Thats because face masks generaly protect other peopel and not the wearer, 10claringst, so tescos staff are pretty safe if all customers wear masks and the staff social distance and wash /gel there hands
at tescos here the till staff work behind screens and wear gloves and some have shield's on tehre faces. A agree tho that many shelf stackers dont wear masks
as NJ wd say
and no one will miss them
sorry the last post
was a comment that we cant do anyting ( they will all DDDIIIIEEE!!)
so lets do nothing ( again ) anyway ( not for thefirst time)
Number of cases doesn't directly need to be controlled. It would be better if we had all already caught cov and got over it. It's the hospital admissions and deaths figures that need managing to be kept low. It's all a case of mass panic at present. Not what one might have expected or hoped from the British people, but, 'there you go'.
BBC Scotland sent an army of reporters to quiz carousing revellers/seekers after knowledge, delete as appropriate, and all that was evident was that rules are in place and should be respected except when the little darlings want their own way.

The stamping of feet, teary eyes, balled-up ittle fists and entitlement are live and well in seats of learning.

La Sturgeon, knowing which side he bread is buttered has caved, moved the goalposts and remains a shameless populist who can pander with the very best of them.
latest rather shaky evidence is that a mask will decrease 30% of its role in transmission
( large number analysis)
which I regard as an overestimate but hell ....
oh and how much transmission there is that the facemask prevents - is moot
Now deaths and hospital admission figures are low the move, by the MSM and Witless, GSK-Valance, The fat controller and handcockup, is to quote the supposed positive rates. Of course these positive figures themselves are suspect given the testing is nowhere near accurate enough but the fear so they have control has to be kept up.

The country is sleep walking into a Police State, brownshirts on the streets to spy on you, encouragement of neighbours to grass on you, the Stasi (and probably Kim jong-un) would be proud. And now threats of bringing the Army in.

What have we allowed to happen?
Your winding us up, a know you are. Brownshirts/ stasi/ police state. ha ha ha.
try living in wales or scotland. much stricter but weer still free and can get bye its hardly an infringement of are rights. The brainwashed one's are the one's following conspiracy sites
//Your winding us up, a know you are. Brownshirts/ stasi/ police state. ha ha ha.//

It's not a wind up at all. It's very serious. Try telling people in this country a year ago that the government that they'd recently elected would confine people to their homes, close hospitality outlets, compel its citizens to wear face masks, determine who they can and cannot entertain in their own homes, restrict them from mixing with others when they go out, confine students to their rooms on campus, encourage people to report their neighbours for minor transgressions of all this and consider having "Marshals" to patrol the streets enforcing these edicts. And all this with no Parliamentary scrutiny. They'd have thought you were drunk or on drugs. Now you think that someone expressing concern at just those very things is somehow having a laugh.
OG are you "going out and catching it"?
Ohh for the halcyon days of summer and the self righteous howls of anguish, when the non existing exam results were a travesty and ruining their lives by depriving them of their rightful place at yooni. Now they all want to go home to mam. Keep em there till after Christmas and keep the streets safe for the rest of us. :))

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