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Fender, what's your problem?
I did not think that Muslims were allowed to gamble.
It's ridiculous, I agree, but if he entered the raffle knowing the prizes, shouldn't he have jist been given the booze? He knew there was a chance he could win it.
Atheist I don't see Fender as having a problem, he's simply illustrating what a ' pandering' society we live in
Poorly handled but could and should have been dealt with in house and not through law.
Bobbi; if he won, he won. He could drink the prize or give it to a christian friend. That would have been up to him. I think that Fender's problem is that he responds to dog whistles - muslim means I am against it.
I don't agree with the litigation culture but they should have asked him if he wanted it and not made assumptons. I`ve met plenty of Muslims who drink alcohol.
Fender, if you're against people sueing then I might understand. Sorry if I was too judgmental.
'giving a Muslim alcohol was like giving nuts to a person with a nut allergy'

utter nonsense. He didn't have to drink it, he could have sold it or given it to a friend (or a Christian alcoholic). What's more, they knew he'd accepted alcohol in the past. Being a Muslim is not like having an allergy.
Can't access DM links. Anyone got a brief synopsis of what happened?
A Muslim porter at a Hotel won a bottle of Cognac in a raffle,they decided to replace it with chocolate due to his Religion.
JD, he won a bottle of Cognac in a raffle. He wasn't there but they thought "Ooh, he won't want that, let's give him chocolates instead". Despite, as I said, knowing he'd previously accepted alcohol. All they had to do was ask him when they gave him the prize.
Wot? No link :0))))
There were other disagreements but that is what the headlines are about.

They ought to have told him the prize then he had the option.
-- answer removed --
Nailit, he won a prize and they told him he couldn't have it. What's that to do with religion? Best to get off your obsession.
It wasn't their decision to make Nailit, they could have given him the choice to downgrade his prize rather than deciding for him.
I'd put the cheque on the table and when he reaches out for it, swap it for a bag of maltesers.
Atheist, from my reading of the article, they were trying to respect his beliefs. Best to get off your high horse.

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